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Waste reduction & disposal equipment are necessary to keep the surrounding clean, hygienic and desirable. Each day, domestic and commercial waste disposal gets as many as it gets. Keeping the surrounding is extremely important and waste management plays a vital role in waste reduction and recycling that is produced on a daily basis. The correct disposal of waste is greatly significant which requires to be taken care of in rural and urban locations on a daily basis. Not having waste disposal methods done regularly can become hazardous to everyone.

Waste disposal management can become hazardous if not taken seriously. It does not matter if it is chemical waste disposal, clinical waste disposal, and garden waste disposal; the health and environment of individuals can be greatly affected by waste of any kind. To get rid of different types of waste, it is necessary to use the right waste management plan and equipment.

Below are some of the most common waste reduction and disposal equipment and their usage:
• Industrial Shredder – utilized for processing materials, destroys confidential documents and products to protect the business, shredding tires for rubber recovery, helps recycling and reusing various products and reduces carbon emissions.
• Waste Bin – prevents various waste products produced on a regular basis. It comes in a number of colors and sizes for different purposes and provides better sorting and is a cost-effective way of waste collection while keeping the surroundings safe.
• Grapple Loader – frequently used for gathering waste and scrap to be removed, scooping up gravel, collecting bulk trash, cleaning out storm sewers and moving harvested trees or huge logs.
• Trash Compactors – used for managing household garbage, crushing aluminum cans to save space and helping you recycle. It is not just eco friendly but also helps you save money spent on garbage bags.

A variety of waste reduction & disposal equipment in Singapore are readily available at The Green Book. The site contains listings of companies and businesses providing the right equipment for waste management together with the companies’ contact details and their offered related products.

Basic Listings

Ace Environment Pte Ltd

21 Bt Batok Cres #15-73 WCEGA Tower S(658065)

Ace Environment Pte Ltd is a Singapore & Korea Joint Venture Company, specialised in Waste water treatment equipment & Nano ...

Aggregates Engineering Pte Ltd

15 Benoi Pl S(629933)

Aggregates Engineering Pte Ltd is a manufacturing and engineering company established in Singapore. With over 30 years of experience in the ...

Asia Metal Industries Pte Ltd

1 Tuas Ave 1 S(639486)

We specialised in high purchase price for scrap metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, machineries, etc. ...

Ausko Pte Ltd

21 Bt Batok Cres #06-73 WCEGA Tower S(658065)

CE Asia Heavy Equipment Pte Ltd

20 Benoi Rd S(629891)

We are a group of companies involves in the manufacturing and trading of European products with business interest in Asia Pacific Region. ...

Cramoil Singapore Pte Ltd

4 Tuas View Lane S(637750)

OUR ACTIVITIES 1) Manufacturer and producer of specialty chemicals, degreasers and blended petroleum products. 2) Toxic waste management ...