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Wafer Check Valves

LFA Global Pte Ltd provides this highly reliable Wafer Check Valves suitable for wide range of industrial applications. These are typically made with 316 stainless steel, wafer connection to ANSI 150/300 with metal to metal seating, and are available from .5 in to 24inch with cast iron body, epoxy coating and split disc® design. Wafer Check Valves are widely used in applications related to compressed air and blower, compressible gases, water, oil and gasoline and other general service piping systems. These are opened by the fluid flow and closed as far as fluid flow stops or reverses direction.

Wafer check valves are available in swing wafer valve, lift type wafer valve, single plate and dual plate type of wafer valve. We have the single plate or single disc wafer check valve, featuring versatile and lightweight design for simplified piping, optimized space utilization, reduced pipe supports, low installation cost and reduced thermal and seismic considerations. This single disk wafer valve has unobstructed flow, maintaining a stable disk at lower flow velocities. Other features include single integrated arm/disc assembly, spring-loaded disc for increased responsiveness, elastomer o-ring seat, integrated body seat, non-blow-out shaft design and many more.

At LFA Global Pte Ltd, we offer outstanding wafer check valves made with materials that are certified by various standards like ISO, API, DEN, BS, SH, EN, etc.

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