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EBP Engineering Services Pte Ltd

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EBP Engineering Services Pte Ltd is a manufacturer's representative, dealing in products for process and instrumentation from manufacturing ...

Everfeed Technology Pte Ltd

2 Tuas Link 1 Jurong Ind Estate S(638590)

Mission Everfeed Technology Pte Ltd was established in 1997. It aims to use a Holistic approach to help customers reach Electrostatic ...

NSL Technology Resources (S) Pte Ltd

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Established in 2003, NSL Technology Resources is one of the stockist representing top-of-the-range products which are critical in the ...

Vortex tubes & systems are structured simple mechanical device with no moving parts that works as compressed air systems separating high pressure flow of energies into two lower pressure flows of different energies (hot and cold streams). The volume and temperature of hot and cold streams are adjustable through a built-in valve on the hot air exhaust of the vortex tube. This pneumatic tube system can generate temperatures as low as -46C (-50F) and as high as 127C (+260F). This device is widely used by industrial businesses because of its vortex cooling features, simplicity, reliability, and its low cost.

Vortex tube is known to have lower efficiency than the traditional air conditioning equipment, although if compressed air is available, it is widely used as low cost spot cooling. Some vortex cooler are used for industrial spot cooling solutions built to produce temperature drop of up to 71C (127F). Its other usage includes cooling of cutting materials during machining operation.

The science of how vortex tube works varies. However, according to the majority the process happened when compressed air supplied to the vortex tube passes through nozzles that are tangent to an internal counterbore. Though nozzles, the air is set in a vortex motion of air stream spinning 90 and passes through the hot tube in a spinning shell form, like of a tornado. Consequently, a valve is at the one end of the tube which allows the warm stream to escape; trapped air stream is then force to heads back down the tube as the second vortex inside the low pressure area of the bigger vortex. The inner vortex loses heat and thus exhaust to the other end as cold air.

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