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Electronic voltage regulators and stabilizers are used to sustain a stable flow of voltage level. These components are very essential in keeping an electronic machine, equipment or another component to function properly by sending out regulated or uniform level of electricity needed or indicated for a specific type of function. Voltage stabilizers safeguard electronic appliances from electrical fluctuations by activating electromagnetic relays that add turn in the secondary winding to compensate for a low voltage and vice versa for high voltage. This causes the performance of any appliance uninterrupted or unchanged. Since their invention, the world has been safer and has saved more energy to use for much-needed function.

May it be in the industrial or consumer world, the importance of having voltage regulators in equipment and appliances cannot be bypassed. Industrial plants such as electric providers at most will not operate efficiently without the help of voltage stabilizers. They are the ones responsible for protecting the whole plant for damages caused by extreme fluctuations in voltages. There are off-peak seasons where they need to step down flow of current to make use and or save excess energy and on peak seasons would need step up transformers to make-up for losses causing short circuits. As for appliances, people at home who are using them can not depend on their electric providers’ transformers to regulate surges at home, there may be times that the electricity flow may vary from time to time and could cause valuable devices to be damaged or worse catch fire. Appliance companies now install automatic voltage regulators on products they release to ensure the reliability and safety of consumers.

The Green Book Directory collects and lists all companies that manufacture, supply and distribute voltage regulators and stabilizers in Singapore. Keeping an up to date and reliable list that is perfect for anyone who conducts direct sourcing of products for faster transaction is our vision.

Basic Listings

Ablerex Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

23 New Ind Rd #05-03 Century Ind Bldg S(536209)

Abletron Pte Ltd

71 Ubi Cres #04-13 Excalibur Centre S(408571)

Acetech Pte Ltd

23 Woodlands Ind Pk E1 #06-05 S(757741)

Supplying quality UPS products that provide a reliable back up power for IT equipment from desktop computers to large data centres, Acetech ...

AET Electric Pte Ltd

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #01-05 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

Asia Electric Technologies is a company, which offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and products for solution to any electrical ...

Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Ltd

89 Short St #02-08 Golden Wall Centre S(188216)

Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Ltd is one of the leading power protection solution providers. Our products are on duty throughout the world ...

Asia Electric Technologies

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #04-06 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd

15 Little Rd #03-01/02 S(536988)

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd specializes in Batteries, Variety of Cables, Connectors, Control Sequence, Electronic Connectors, Electrical ...

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd (Sim Lim Tower)

10 Jln Besar #03-35 & #13-06/07 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)

Barcol-Air Engineering Pte Ltd

30 Loyang Way #03-06 Loyang Ind Est S(508769)

Power Management, Generation & Distribution Controls Engine Starting, Monitoring & Control Systems Power & Facility ...

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd ( jln besar )

10 Jln Besar #13-06/07 & #03-35 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)