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VISTAR Welding Equipment & Accessories

A wide range of reliable and highly efficient VISTAR Welding Equipment and Accessories are now provided by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. From regulators, welding electrodes, cable connectors, welding hoses, welding brushes, welding torch, grinding disc to welding gloves, welding goggles, and flashback arrestors, these are all available with different functions and specifications depending on what the customer needs.

Our high performing welding equipment guarantee excellent performance in any kind of application. Made from top quality materials, these can provide effective operation and meet the technical and quality demands of various welding and cutting processes. These are designed to be lightweight and compact for ease of use. In addition, these can also guarantee safety and reliability since they undergo stringent quality testing, and are certified by different regulatory bodies locally and internationally.

Our welding machines and welding accessories offer advanced capabilities and superior functionality, developing comprehensive solutions for our customers.

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