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VISTAR Fire Blanket

Use this VISTAR Fire Blanket in case of emergency fire situation. This flame resistant blanket offered by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd is suitable for extinguishing small fires. It can also be used to wrap around a person for fire protection, minimizing the heat and potential for burn and injury while escaping fire event.

We bring you simple yet durable wire retardant fabric that is constructed with material which can cut off oxygen supply, thus smothering fire in a short amount of time. It is usually made of wool or fiberglass, and can be chemically treated to increase fire resistance.

VISTAR Fire Blanket is a good fire retardant material that can be used together with fire extinguishers. This inflammable blanket can fight fires with extremely high temperatures up to 900 degrees. At ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd, we offer different types of fire blankets which can be used in wide range of applications. Large fire blankets are typically used in laboratories and other industrial facilities.

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