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Vibration is classified as desirable and undesirable. Desirable vibration is the type of vibration that produces pleasant sound or sensation depending on the correct execution and function. For example a vibration made by blowing of trumpets or any wind instruments, strumming of strings on guitars, pat of a drumstick on a tom or basically something that can be tuned to produce music is called desirable. Undesirable vibration however is the type of vibration that produces annoying and loud sounds and extreme discomfort to human. Industrial processes that use heavy machineries, engines and equipment are prone to producing such noise that needs to be eliminated to reduce noise pollution, damage to both property and employees and ensure efficiency in production.

Due to this undesirable vibration, vibration absorbers and dampers were invented. When machines and engines start to move and work, they produce a lot of noise due to extreme friction and weight of parts, something that is inevitable. Mechanical vibration is highly damaging to different parts of equipment or a system. As things move due to shaking, parts easily gets out of place or misaligned causing parts to misfit and malfunction in the long run. Vibration dampers serve as a neutralizer with the use of a tuned spring mass system that eliminates vibration by absorbing resonance created by extreme movements. Damping is a process or an influence in an oscillatory system that restricts oscillations. There are three vibration damper functions known as overdamped, critically damped, underdamped, and undamped. There are specific products for specific purposes like dynamic vibration absorbers, vibration damper in engine, tuned mass dampers and many more.

The Green Book has a list of companies and manufacturers where you can find great deals of their bestseller vibration absorbers and dampers in Singapore and all other related categories. Our directory not only caters to products for industrial but with both commercial and consumer products for easier access of product information.

Gold Listings

Alquest Marine Pte Ltd

1 Kaki Bukit Rd 1 #03-13 Enterprise One S(415934)

Originally founded in 1997 as Alquest Marketing, Alquest Marine has quickly evolved into a well-recognised market player in ...

Basic Listings

Imao Machine Components Pte Ltd

2 Yishun Ind St 1 #04-04 Northpoint BizHub S(768159)

In 1994, Imao Machine Components Pte Ltd was established. We managed to provide wide range of industrial products which are world class ...

Alquest Marketing

1 Kaki Bt Rd 1 #03-13 Enterprise One S(415934)

AM Aerospace Supplies Pte Ltd

1 Coleman St #07-03 The Adelphi S(179803)

Established in 1987, AM Aerospace Supplies Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore.AM Aerospace Supplies Pte Ltd has over 20 years ...

Aquanautic Agencies Pte Ltd

51 Bt Batok Cres #05-27 Unity Centre S(658077)

AVM Diesel (F.E.) Pte Ltd

Blk 27 Tuas Ave 13 #01-23 S(638993)

Established since 1990, AVM Diesel (F.E.) Pte Ltd ("AVM") is headquartered in Singapore and has been providing products and engineering ...

Compact Distributors Pte Ltd

Blk 1 Wholesale Centre #02-10 S(110001)

Compact Distributors Pte Ltd is prominently known as one of the leading suppliers of various industrial products, specializing in valves, ...

EINST Technology Pte Ltd

1092 Lower Delta Rd #04-01 Tiong Bahru Ind Est S(169203)

Elshin International Pte Ltd

1 Kaki Bt Ave 3 #06-12 KB-1 S(416087)

Elshin International Pte Ltd was incorporated on 23rd April 1994. The principal activities of the company consist of the trading of ...

James Walker Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

8 Pandan Cres #03-03/04, Lobby 5 UE Tech Pk S(128464)

James Walker is a dynamic global manufacturing organisation that supplies a vast range of high performance fluid sealing products and ...

Kromax South Asia Pte Ltd

26 Sin Ming Lane #07-118 Midview City S(573971)