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The main purpose of any variable speed drive system is to manage the speed, acceleration, deceleration, torque and instructions of a maker. They permit the choice of an infinite variety of speeds within its operating range, unlike that of systems with continuous speed.

Lots of multi-purpose makers can take advantage of this since their speeds have to be frequently altered to optimize the device process or enable it to perform different other tasks which allows enhanced product quality, production speed and security.

Maker tools such as lathes and milling machines may run work pieces at low speeds and high speeds to maximize the feed rate of the cutting tool. ; it makes it possible for a printing press to be run at the speed that produces the best quality item, and may differ extensively with weight and finishing of the paper, and any attributes of the ink that is being used. By using a variable speed drive system the acceleration can be managed which allows the press to accelerate smoothly therefore preventing breaking of the web paper.

Pumps supplying water in high rise structures may have to provide varying quantities of water throughout the day as required by the occupants. When essential, variable drive systems can easily handle this type of application by speeding up and slowing down.

There are still older or earlier types of variable speed drive in usage today which are based upon hydraulic and mechanical concepts; nevertheless the most popular choice today for commercial applications is the electrical variable speed drive. Hydraulic and mechanical systems just can not offer the same advantages of high efficiency, high performance, low upkeep, flexibility and moderate preliminary expense, which the electrical variable speed drive can.

They are readily available in a number of standard types, and the 2 most flexible for basic purpose applications are, adjustable frequency drives (Air Conditioning drives) and direct current drives (DC drives).

When speeds are chosen from numerous pre-set varieties the drive is generally described as 'adjustable'. If the speed can be changed without steps over a range, the drive is referred to as 'variable speed'.

The benefits of adjustable and numerous drives are as follows:

• Smoother operation

• Acceleration control

• Control torque or tension

• Accurate placing

• Adjust the rate of production

• Operating speed can alter inning accordance with needed procedure

Adjustable speed drives were developed for process control, however energy conservation has actually become a similarly essential objective.

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