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Valves , Actuators & Automation Systems

Material Carbon Steel, 12% Chrome, 316SS, Duplex SS,Monel ,Titanium and other high alloys.

Butterfly /Globe/Gate/Lined valves /Ball/check valve /Actuators/Automation systems

DBB Valves/ Mono Flange Valve/ High Pressure Ball valve & Needle Valve / Air Distributor.

Butterfly Valve : Concentric, Double Offset, Triple Offset Ball Valve : Floating / Trunnion Mount/Globe Valve / Actuators/Automation systems


Solenoid Valves/ Limit switches/ Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke Actuators/ Pneumatic Cylinders/ Angle Seat Valves.

Gate valve/ Lined valves /Ball /Butterfly/plug /Ball check valve

Hydraulic Valve /Gate / Knife Gate / Ball /Butterfly Valve

•Valmatic (uas)
Air Valves/ Foot Valves/ Combination Air Valves/QuadroSphere
Applications: • Pumping up liquid from deep or high tanks
• Up and down piping
• Easy gas locked liquid
• Effective transferring of high specific gravity liquid
• Transfer of liquid from the top tanks or earthquake/environmental countermeasures
Key Specifications/Special Features: • World’s fastest suction
• Air-Lock/Cavitation Free Construction
• Prevents and Resistant to Dry Running
• Compact design and tough construction
• Quick and easy loading
• Simple and quick setup due to its loose flange
• Fully functional with long service life
• Cost-effective

Maximum capacity 415L/min
Maximum total head 30.0m
Operating temperature limit GV: 70°C / GVF: 60°C
Motor output 0.4 to 3.7kW
Big GV
Maximum capacity 1300L/min
Maximum total head 25.0m
Motor output 3.7 to 7.5kW

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