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Underslung Hoist

Featuring sturdy and durable construction, this Underslung Hoist crane is now offered at Interlift Sales Pte Ltd. This type of hoist crane is specifically designed to eliminate the need for runway support columns. Thus, it will save the entire floor area space and can be used for other production operations.

Similar to overhead traveling crane, this underslung crane uses either standard electric chain hoist or wire rope hoist that is suspended below the bridge girder that is made from rolled sections such as U beams/ I beams. This bridge girder is connected to two end carriages, where each covers a pair of wheels that run on the shop beam flanges.

Our Underslung Hoist crane can be operated through pendent station hanging from wire rope hoist or through radio remote control. Power supply to the wire rope hoist is through festoon cable system.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
• Made of standardized and top grade quality steel materials
• Optimized structural design
• Consists of rigid bridge girder made from rolled I beam / U beam section, two end carriages and electric or wire rope hoist
• Loads can be handled immediately adjacent to the building wall
• Eliminates the need for runway support columns
• Cost effective and space saving

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