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Underfloor Systems | UFS

OBO BETTERMANN South East Asia Pte. Ltd. recommends | UFS that can go with the most demanding tasks in electrical engineering. It has a wide range of flexible products, accessories and special parts applicable for your requirements.

Our Underfloor Systems | UFS has a screed cover duct system made from galvanized sheet steel with zinc coating of 275 g/m^2, this screed cover duct system is suitable for poured asphalt, cement screed and floating screed.

The Underfloor Systems | UFS that we offer is designed with an excellent screed flush trunking which is applicable for installation, cable trunking and cable routing of electrical resources in under floor areas and is also suitable to numerous adjustment for laid cables in wet-clean and dry floors.

This Underfloor Systems | UFS has an easy to install features which guarantees you that it can be mounted in any location of your choice depending on your specification and requirements.

Product/ System Range:
• Screed-covered duct systems
• Screed-flush duct systems
• In-concrete duct systems
• On-floor installation trunking systems
• Service units
• Frame cassettes and height-adjustable
• Heavy-duty cassettes
• Installation systems for accessories
• Outlets and complete solutions
• Systems for raised and cavity floors

• High Quality
• Safe to use
• Corrosion resistance
• Weather and UV resistance
• Durable
• Efficient
• Easy to maintain

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