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The best listing for Electrical Transformers is here at The Green Book Directory. Our wide range of database will connect you to its related industry and associated information. We could help you find related products such as step up, step down, voltage transformers and other related classifications. A broad list of electrical transformer part manufacturers, dealers, supplier, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and services can be found here to meet your purchasing needs.

Transformer reduces the high voltage to a very minimal amount on which home appliances can use. A transformer is able to change electricity from high voltage to low voltage based on two basic principles of electricity. Firstly, in an electric circuit, there is magnetism around it. Secondly, whenever a magnetic field changes, a voltage is made. Voltage is the force that pushes current around the circuit.

Transformers are devices which transfer electric power from one circuit to another by electromagnetic means, either increasing or reducing the voltage. They are mostly used to change the voltage in an alternating current, and as an electrical isolator.

Transformers have shaped the electricity supply industry for they are used to reduce line voltage to usable low-levels on devices such as door bells and raising the voltage so that electric power can be transmitted over long distances. They also isolate an end user from contact with a supply voltage. They are accountable for power generating companies in choosing alternating current for energy generation at the correct voltage.

Types of Transformers:
• Constant Voltage Transformers are also known as Ferro resonant transformer regulators. They are used on the transformer’s secondary winding to give a constant amount of voltage since input voltage differs.
• Constant Current Transformers are a special type of an isolation transformer which supplies steady current under inconsistent load conditions.
• Autotransformers are electrical transformers with only one winding.
• Variable Frequency Transformers are used to convert power from one voltage level into other.
• Power and Distribution Transformers are two kinds of transformers which are intended to help in either reducing or boosting a voltage’s level.

To determine the right transformer for residential, commercial, and industrial application, Singapore’s The Green Book invites people to use any of the company and product information provided on this listing and other related classification for their purchasing needs.

Basic Listings

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10 Ubi Cres #03-83 Ubi Techpark Lobby E S(408564)

Established since 2001, MAC Engineering Services & Trading Pte Ltd is an exclusive distributor for DELAB and REGIS brand. We are also ...

Goh Synergy Transformers Pte Ltd

68 Kaki Bt Ave 6 #01-06 [email protected] S(417896)

Goh Synergy Transformers Pte Ltd"GS Transformers" is a transformer manufacturer specializing in low voltage dry type transformers. GS ...

AET Electric Pte Ltd

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #01-05 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

Asia Electric Technologies is a company, which offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and products for solution to any electrical ...

Aggreko (S) Pte Ltd

8B Buroh St S(627532)

Aggreko Asia is a leader in the rental of power, temperature control and loadbank. We help companies increase profits by creating ...

Amptron Instruments Pte Ltd

10 Kaki Bt View Kaki Bt Techpark II S(415946)

Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Ltd

89 Short St #02-08 Golden Wall Centre S(188216)

Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Ltd is one of the leading power protection solution providers. Our products are on duty throughout the world ...

Asia Electric Technologies

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #04-06 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)