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Switches and Push Buttons

Westward Marketing Service offers wide variety of Switches and Push Buttons suitable for vast range of industrial applications. Switches and Push Buttons are mainly composed of a simple electric switch mechanism in order to control a machine or a process. These buttons or controls are commonly made of hard materials like metals and plastics.

Our company provides Switches and Push Buttons that are innovatively structured and formed so that the operator’s hands or fingers can easily and conveniently press or hold the equipment or electronics controls during operation. We stock many of the most common kinds of Switches and Push Buttons which comes in different sizes, from miniature to industrial power switches.
• Industrial controls and equipment
• Residential and commercial appliances
• Calculators
• Push-button telephones
• Electronic and mechanical devices
• Magnetic locks
• Conveyors

To achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, we aim to meet or even exceed every customer’s needs and requirements by providing high-quality and affordable products, service and fast delivery. Customers may contact us anytime or simply send immediate orders and quotation request below.
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