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Steam Traps are kinds of automatic valve which discharges condensate that is produced during processes and in steam transport lines without permitting the release of any steam. TLV manufactures and provides all three categories of Steam Traps to suit different applications.

We provide mechanical Steam Traps which are known as float traps or bucket traps. These steam traps work with an operation principle of buoyancy utilization. Mechanical steam traps are suitable to use in variety of applications such as for steam mains, heat exchangers and insulation. We also have thermodynamic steam traps; the operation for these steam traps utilizes the difference in the thermodynamic properties of steam and condensate. These are widely used for applications including steam main lines, tracers, steam heating equipment and a lot more. Thermostatic Steam Traps used for room heating, air conditioning, tracers, etc. are also available at TLV Pte Ltd.
Applications: • Steam Transport Lines (Steam Main Lines)
• Steam Heating Equipment
• Freezers, Tracers, Protection, Room Heating
Key Specifications/Special Features:
  Mechanical Steam Traps Thermostatic Steam Traps Thermodynamic Steam Traps
Operating Pressure Range 0 - 12 MPaG 0.01 - 4.6 MPaG 0.025 - 26 MPaG
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 530 °C 0 - 350 °C 0 - 550 °C

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