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Solo Testifire Scorpion Inspection Testing Equipment - Fire & Gas Alarm, Detection, Protection, Fighting System, Communication & Navigation - Marine, Offshore, Offshore Image

Solo Testifire Scorpion Inspection Testing Equipment - Fire & Gas Alarm, Detection, Protection, Fighting System, Communication & Navigation - Marine, Offshore, Offshore

Atlas Technologies Corporation offers a comprehensive range of fire testing products, so it’s important to find the right one for your particular circumstance. Fire detector test and service equipment must be safe both for user and system. It must comply with international codes and standards and be approved / endorsed by detector manufacturers and third party listing agencies but it also needs to be cost-effective, portable and versatile.

SMOKE DETECTOR TESTING - Functional testing is required by all national standards around the world. A functional test should be carried out using an appropriate test tool which is designed for the purpose and will not cause damage to the detector under test. There are now two products within the Solo range that allow functional testing of smoke detectors – both of which are approved by leading detector manufacturers:
Solo 365 Smoke Detector Tester ES3 Cartridge, Solo 330 Aerosol Smoke Dispenser A3 Aerosol

HEAT DETECTOR TESTING - Functional checking of heat detectors, with a genuine heat source, is now required by major national standards around the world. Testing with heat sources not designed for the purpose can be both dangerous and damaging. The Solo range of heat detector testing equipment, designed specifically for the purpose, provides a genuine professional’s solution.
Solo 461 Cordless Battery Powered Heat Detector Tester, Solo 423/424 Heat Detector Tester (110/240V)

- Many multi-sensor fire detectors detect carbon monoxide (CO) as well as smoke and/or heat. Under international codes and standards the CO cell needs to be functionally tested with a CO stimulus from the protected area through the detector vents to the sensor. Solo C3 used in conjunction with Solo 330 / 332 dispensers - provides a safe way of achieving this with CO concentration levels high enough to activate an alarm, but low enough not to pose danger to user health.
Solo C3

MULTI-STIMULUS DETECTOR TESTING – Smoke, Heat and CO Detector Testing, All from one tool. Uniquely capable of producing smoke, heat and CO stimuli, Testifire enables tests of fire detector sensors to be conducted independently, sequentially or simultaneously. Equally suitable for single or multi-sensor, point or aspirating fire detectors, Testifire is the most advanced fire detector tester available today. UL certified, Testifire is approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world. The product range centres on two core models; the Testifire 1000 for smoke and heat fire detectors and the Testifire 2000 which includes CO fire detectors test capability and, from these, various kit options are available. To this can be added various accessories with stimuli being provided through replaceable capsules.
Testifire 1000/2000/TS3/TC3

SENSITIVITY, REMOVAL & CLEANING - Detectors need removal and replacement for various reasons. Using specialist devices saves time, cost, disruption and risk to safety that ladders, scaffolding or access gear represents.
Solo Trutest 801 Smoke Detector Sensitivity Tester, Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool, Solo A7 Detector Duster

ACCESS POLES - Access poles are required for detectors out of normal reach. Their use saves time, cost, disruption and risk to safety that ladders, scaffolding or access gear represents. Pull-wound glass fibre construction provides non conductivity with an optimum strength to weight ratio and high tolerance manufacture ensures minimum possible whip or bend at height relative to weight and cost. This, coupled with the simple locking mechanism of the telescopic sections means that these access poles combine ease of use with design and manufacturing excellence.
Solo 100/101/108 Telescopic Access Poles

REMOTE TESTING – For Point & Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) Systems. A unique remote functional smoke detector test system that assists compliance with fire and safety codes and standards for ASD systems and point smoke detectors. Benefits include time, cost and disruption savings, as well as safety enhancements brought about from removing the need for access equipment or repeated access into difficult areas. It is especially useful for testing detectors safely and quickly in secure restricted areas without physical access such as prisons, military premises, banks and detectors at height or in otherwise hazardous locations such as lift and elevator shafts.

The benefits are clear, with a product that provides genuine time and cost savings in any application. We recommend this as the perfect product for Land, Air and Maritime fire detector testing. Solo and Testifire testers are available either as separate components or as complete kits – configured both by height and application. A wide range of test kits are available, contact us to find the right kit for you.

- Smoke Detector Testing
- Heat Detector Testing
- CO Detector Testing
- Flame Detector Testing
- Remote Aspirating Smoke Detector System (ASD) Testing
- Detector Sensitivity, Removal & Cleaning
- Access Poles
- Detector Testing Kits

Key Specifications/Special Features:

• Approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world
• Enable safe, fast and efficient testing
• Significant time and cost savings
• Designed for use at height, angles or low level
• Practical solution for hard to access detectors
• Eliminates the need for specialist access equipment
• Minimises disruption and eliminates down time
• Lightweight and simple to use
• Universal design suits widest range of detectors

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