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Solenoid Valves: Standard & Explosion-Proof, Relief Valves: Pilot Operated (RP) & Direct Acting (RD) Image

Solenoid Valves: Standard & Explosion-Proof, Relief Valves: Pilot Operated (RP) & Direct Acting (RD)

Uses of Solenoid Valves:
  • Electrically operated 
  • Control the flow of Hydraulic oil in a fully closed or fully open mode system
Specifications of Solenoid Valves:
  • Up to 760 LPM
  • Max pressure 350 Bar

Special Features of Solenoid Valves:

  • Manual override available

Availability of Explosion-Proof Solenoid Valve:

  • Ideal choice for hazardous industrial environments
  • Meet international standard requirements & explosion proof guidelines [IP 67]
  • Superior ex-proof design with rugged body structure
Relief valves are passive components used to:
  • Act as safety valves. They protect fixed displacement pumps and directional control valves when pump output flow is intermittently blocked.
  • Limit pressure overshoot associated with pressure compensated pumps.
  • Protect hydraulic actuators (cylinders & motors) from shock pressures associated with starting and stopping heavy loads.

Specifications of Pilot Operated (RP) & Direct Acting (RD) Relief Valves:

• Rated flow of up to 760 LPM
• Maximum pressure of 420 Bar

Special features of RP & RD relief valves:
  • Direct Acting Relief valves (RD) boast low leakage at less than 10 drops per minute when operating at 90% of valves setting as well as fast opening at 2ms. 
  • Pilot Operated Relief valves (RP) are easily adjustable. 
  • Stainless Steel Direct Acting (RD) valves (External component) are also available. 
Our team can guide you in choosing the right type of relief valve(s) for your applications. Simply connect with our team or post your inquiries below for more information.
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