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Slewing Jibs

This slewing jib helps you to lift your goods with ease, can be operated either manual or remote for complete convenience. With just one swift move your goods will be moved to safe place and in a very precise positioning.

Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd offers variety of Slewing Jibs requirement to move light to heavy materials in your workplace in a more efficient ways. Understanding the clients need to work on a variety of products, which some includes sensitive products, smooth transition is highly required for its smooth handling and landing. Growa delivers the most guaranteed Slewing Jibs to work on a highly smooth and efficient operating sequence, thus, producing higher productivity results and low physical burdens to workers and zero number of accidents and injuries in the work place.

With the state-of-the-art solutions offered by Growa, (F.E) Pte Ltd, switching from a manual handling to a more engineered option is probably one of the best innovations you can offer to your company.

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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd takes pride on serving the market with professional high-quality custom-engineered industrial lifting solutions for...