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The Design or Concept

Everything starts as a principle, consisting of shoes. In the beginning, they're designed on paper, but then they're put on something called a "last." Think about it like a shoe blank. It's blank white, however it's a three-dimensional model of a shoe. This is how the designers get a more precise depiction of their could-be shoe.


Once the style is finalized, the material is cut and shaped to the requirements required for the shoe. Once the fundamental shapes have actually been cut, a maker called a skiving device thins the edges so the various pieces are much easier to stitch together.

The Upper

The top half of the shoe is called "the upper." The pieces of the upper are stitched initially, then flattened out to provide it a smooth surface. At this moment, the upper is still a flat, nearly U-shaped area of product. Along the within the "U," a leather or plastic edge is stitched on to offer it an ornamental appearance and conceal any unfinished edges. Then the upper is positioned back onto the last, with a layer of lining underneath it. An insole is glued underneath them, and then the lining is glued to the upper.

Final Touch

Devices smooth out the excess product hanging over the insole by tucking it back in beneath the shoe. The bottom of the shoe is smoothed out and then a sole is put on it to cover up any unattractive additionals, and to make the shoe comfy and resilient. Excess glue is eliminated, laces are put in, the blank is secured, and the shoe is ended up.

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Basic Listings

Agas Trading Pte Ltd

80 Playfair Rd #03-15 Kapo Fty Bldg S(367998)

Anntaa Trading Pte Ltd

14 Scotts Rd #01-70 Far East Plaza S(228213)

Barcode Marketing Pte Ltd

200 Victoria St #02-08 Bugis Junction S(188021)

Charles & Keith (Singapore) Pte Ltd

165 Tg Pagar Rd #02-20 Amara Shopping Centre S(088539)

Charles & Keith (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Changi City Pt)

5 Changi Business Pk Central 1 #01-33 Changi City Pt S(486038)