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Uni-Port Services Pte Ltd presents the ruggedly constructed Service Brakes for numerous applications. The Service Brakes include USB, TEXU, TE, CB6/8 and a lot more brake ranges.

We offer failsafe disc brakes like Thruster Disc Brakes – USB which are ideal for hoists and travel drives in container cranes. The centric position design of the spring increases efficiency. USB range features braking torque which is independent of disc rotating direction as well as virtually maintenance-free operation. The Thruster Disc Brakes – TEXU is also provided for applications requiring braking forces of 3,000Nm to 30,000Nm. It is ideal for main hoists in container cranes.

The TE range Service Brakes are suitable for cranes and other operations where constant brake torque is really needed. These are made with solid steel brake shoe lever and base plate which brings small deflections that result to smaller air travel losses. To execute simple and safe brake torque adjustment, the brakes are integrated with square spiral element with scale. The optimal geometry excellently provides maximum leverage transfer. In addition, we also have lightweight, compact and long lasting CB6/8 range ideal for trolley and gantry travel drives for handling machines.
Applications: • Container cranes
• Belt conveyors
• Bucket wheel
• Excavators

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