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The best listing for Semiconductors is here at The Green Book Directory. Our wide range of database will connect you to its related industry and associated information. We could help you find related products such as Diode, IC, Thyristor Rectifiers and other related classifications. A broad list of semiconductor manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and services can be found here to meet your purchasing needs.

The Green Book has a vast range of categories to fulfill your sourcing needs. Use our search bar to locate brand names such as Integrated Circuits, Transistors, LED and a lot more can be found here.

Semiconductors play a huge role in today’s technology. Basically, every single electronic gadget, appliance or electronic equipment has this as a very important component for the whole system to work and or operate. A semiconductor is made up of mostly Silicon, Germanium and Selenium which all have the property to form perfect covalent bonds that make up metals. Metals are good conductors of electricity due to having free electrons that moves easily between atoms that involves the flow of electrons. Silicon Valley in the USA became popular due to this fact all the big players in the electronic world seemed to have their own headquarters in this place making semiconductors a heart of every electronic device or appliance.

Good examples of semiconductors are diodes that are mostly used as rectifiers, switches, voltage regulators, signal mixers, demodulators and modulators. Good semiconductor concepts have a complete set of properties such as variable conductivity which in way of doping or gating produces n-type and p-type that allows an unbalanced quantity of electrons make electricity flow through the material. Excited electrons use the process of ambipolar diffusion creating a thermal equilibrium to behave as a non-equilibrium state to conduct energy. Light Emission wherein some semiconductors produce light instead of heat and are mostly used to creating light emitting diodes or LED. It is pretty much understandable that no matter how complex semiconductors work, the specific product suited for a device need a good understanding of the process it needs to work perfectly in construction.

The Green Book Directory lists down a remarkable and very specific list of companies and suppliers of different semiconductors in Singapore. For this reason, product sourcing from manufacturing companies, trusted suppliers and distributors has become easier for procurement specialists of any companies to maintain a very specific procurement process. The website has a lot of very specific classifications for industrial, commercial and consumer products information making it easy for trusted buyers to source information faster.

Basic Listings

Ace Semi-Tool Pte Ltd

76 Playfair Rd #05-02 LHK 2 Bldg S(367996)

Advanti Technology Pte Ltd

5000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #04-12 TechPlace II S(569870)

Allied Devices (S) Pte Ltd

705 Sims Dr #03-07A Shun Li Ind Complex S(387384)

Alltek Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd

5002 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #03-01 Techplace II S(569871)

Amkor Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

491B River Valley Rd #15-02/04 Valley Pt S(248373)

Amkor is one of the world’s largest providers of contract semiconductor assembly and test services. Founded in 1968, Amkor pioneered the ...

ASK Electronic Pte Ltd

10 Jln Besar #01-05/06 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)

Astrum Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

20 Woodlands Link #04-17 Woodlands East Ind Est S(738733)

AUK Semiconductor (S) Pte Ltd

1 Up Aljunied Link #05-05 Joo Seng Warehouse Blk A S(367901)