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Schroff Subracks, 19

Schroff Subracks, 19" Chassis & Cabinets

Schroff is a leading designer and manufacturer of Electrical Enclosures and Electronic Packaging products to safely and reliably house and protect the electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, telecommunications and datacom, energy technology, measurement, control and instrumentation technology, medicine technology, industry and automation technology, railway and transport technology, safety and defense technology or any other electronics applications.

Schroff Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Enclosures Range:
• Cabinets
• Wall-Mounted Case
• 19” Cases and Tower Cases
• Subracks and 19” Chassis
• Front Panels and Plug-in Units
• Power Supply
• Backplanes and Test Adapters
• Climate Control
• Air Conditioners
• Air Filtered Fans
• Socket Strips
• Telescopic Slides
• Connectors
Country Of Product Origin: Germany
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 electrical enclosures & cabinets


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