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A rubber suction cup, likewise understood as a sucker, is an object that uses the negative fluid pressure of air or water to comply with impermeable surfaces, developing a partial vacuum.

rubber suction cups are peripherial characteristics of some animals such as squids and octopuses, and have been reproduced synthetically for numerous purposes.

A rubber suction cup is a device made from rubber or plastic and has the shape of half of sphere. rubber suction cups cannot be used on their own-they are normally utilized with other products such as indications, calendars, hooks and posters.

Given that they are flexible in nature, they easily comply with glass and metal. It readies to keep in mind that these systems do not stick to wood or brick unless you sand flat or coat them.

How they work

The face of the cup is made from an elastic, versatile product that has a curved surface area. When you press the centre of the cup against a flat, non-porous surface, you minimize the volume in between the rubber suction cup and the flat surface. This triggers air or water in between the cup and the surface area to get out leaving a cavity.

This cavity has no air or water which causes pressure distinction between the environment and the beyond the cup. The pressure distinction is exactly what that keeps the cup complied with the surface area.

When using the rubber suction cup you require to keep in mind that it cannot adhere to the surface permanently. The length of time it takes the cup to return to its initial shape depends upon the time the water or air requires to get between the cup and surface area hence adjusting the pressure with the surrounding environment.

The length of time it takes depends upon the flatness and porosity of the surface and the quality of the cup's rim. It will take long for the water or air to fill the cavity if the quality is high.


The rubber suction cup has a number of applications. Some of the most typical applications are:

· Affixing items on impermeable vertical surface areas such as tiles walls and fridge doors

· In toys where they are used as Nerf darts

· In moving big items such as raised flooring tiles, glass and automobile windscreens

· Climbing where they are utilized in climbing up high buildings with smooth outside surfaces

· In toilet plungers

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