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As a marine aquarium keeper, it's your task to maintain an environment as close to what your organisms are accustomed to as possible. Unless your livestock came directly from Utah's Great Salt Lake, too much salinity in your water can be harmful. However, insufficient salinity likewise can make your fish or coral uneasy. This is where a piece of devices called a refractometer comes in useful.

What Is a Refractometer?

Because a refractometer can determine the salinity of your fish tank water, it is a tool worth having on hand, particularly if you have a reef aquarium. A refractometer is a piece of equipment that determines the speed of light going through a liquid, in this case through a sampling of seawater from your aquarium. The more particulates there remain in the water, the slower light travels through the water. Depending on where the light falls on the refractometer's integrated scale determines the salinity in your marine fish tank. This also enables you to determine the particular gravity of your seawater. The specific gravity is the density of salt in your fish tank water as compared with fresh water.

The determination of salinity is based on the index of refraction. For instance, if you utilize your refractometer in a vacuum, such as in external area, the gadget's index scale should check out 1.0000. The index for pure water is 1.3330. For seawater at 35 parts per thousand (ppt), the index reading ought to be 1.024-1.026. You might need to change the chemical composition of your fish tank water if your refractometer reads higher or lower than 1.024.

When Purchasing a Refractometer, what to Look for

When buying a refractometer, make sure the one you pick is particularly for seawater use. Many refractometers on the market are manufactured just to determine the salinity of sodium chloride services. These types are described as brine or salt refractometers. They benefit measuring the saltiness of Aunt Sally's blue ribbon pickles, however, as you understand, a marine aquarium consists of more than just salt chloride, such as micronutrient, calcium, carbonates and magnesium. A seawater refractometer takes these into account.

You also desire a refractometer that, when adjusted, instantly takes water temperature into consideration in the reading. Without this automatic temperature level compensation (ATC), your reading can be deceptive, since warmer water expands a little, allowing light to go through more easily. This implies your tank of warm water might appear to have less salinity than is actually present.

Other handy aspects of a good refractometer consist of a double scale that measures both particular gravity and parts per thousand, and an eyepiece you can adjust in order to clearly read the scale.

The best ways to Read a Refractometer

Open the cover to the refractometer's prism. Using a clean pipette, take a sample of fish tank water and place a drop or two onto the prism plate, then close the cover. Hold the refractometer to the light and check out the eyepiece, adjusting the eyepiece up until you can clearly see the scale. One side of the scale determines the salinity of the water in parts per thousand, which for seawater ought to check out 35 ppt. The other side of the scale lets you know the specific gravity, which is 1.024 for seawater.

As you browse the eyepiece, you will discover that the top part of the scale is blue, while the bottom part of the scale looks white. Your reading must be taken at the spot where the white and blue fulfill on the scale.

For the severe marine fish tank person, a refractometer can be a great addition to your tool box, due to the fact that you can get more accurate readings than from the standard hydrometer. The refractometer does require to be adjusted in order to give you an accurate reading. Follow maker's directions to properly adjust your particular refractometer.

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