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REDAPT Adaptors & Reducers

REDAPT Adaptors & Reducers are reliable products offered by Westward Marketing Services. Adaptors are generally used when the connection device or the thread size of the cable gland used is of equivalent size or larger than the entry thread of the enclosure. On the other hand, reducers are used when the thread size of the entry device or cable gland is smaller than the thread of the enclosure.

REDAPT Adaptors & Reducers are specially designed to withstand applications on hazardous areas, they are certified flameproof and safe to use in Zone 1 and 2 processes.

REDAPT Adaptors & Reducers are structured with hexagon materials for quick and easy installation. They are also equipped with complete captive o-ring seal which is located within a small space on the face of the product. Our adaptors and reducers are approved by the latest international standards with GOST-R, IECEx and ATEX hazardous area certificates.

Valued customers can select from the following types of REDAPT Adaptors & Reducers:
• Metallic adaptors and reducers
• Nylon adaptors and reducers
• Swivel adaptors
• Y and T adaptors
• 90 degree adaptors
• Male x Male and Female x Female adaptors
• Insulated adaptors

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