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Recycling Centres offers recycling services that change waste materials and form into a new product that helps to minimize waste and reduce unnecessary consumption of fresh and new materials. It supports the waste hierarchy “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle “which promotes more environment friendly place.

This Waste Disposal service helps to reduce air pollution, energy usage, water pollution, greenhouse gas emission and more. There’s a wide range of waste materials which are allowed to be recycled such as: electronic scraps, plastic scraps, scrap batteries, scrap cables and scrap copper, waste paper and a lot more.

In recycling materials, it is better to have knowledge on what type of recycling waste is your rubbish belongs to know which one is recyclable or not.

Types of waste
• Liquid waste – it is the non-solid waste form or solid wastes which are converted into liquid form for proper disposal. Examples of this are wastewater and storm water, liquid used for cleaning and waste detergents.
• Solid waste – garbage or rubbish that are taken from homes and other locations examples of this are old newspaper, old car tires, broken furniture and also food waste.
• Hazardous waste - a type of waste that is harmful for human and environment it includes inflammable materials, reactive and corrosive materials and toxic. It is better to perform hazardous waste disposal for proper discarding of toxic materials.
• Recyclable type – it acquires the process of recycling to reuse old stuffs or transform old materials into a new one, examples materials are aluminium, plastic, glass and paper.

There are different types of recycling which are offered in a waste management companies these are: waste paper recycling & cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, metal recycling, wood recycling, glass recycling, textile recycling and bricks or inert waste recycling.

To find the most affordable and dependable waste and recycling centers in Singapore just visit the page of The Green Book, it has company and business listings for fast procurement of services and products.

Basic Listings

Asia Metal Industries Pte Ltd

1 Tuas Ave 1 S(639486)

We specialised in high purchase price for scrap metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, machineries, etc. ...

Atlantic Oil Manufacturing Pte Ltd

1 Yishun Ind St 1 #12-02A A'Posh Bizhub S(768160)

Basic Metal World

36 Sg Kadut St 1 Sg Kadut Ind Est S(729341)

Centennial Metals Investment Pte Ltd

11 Sg Kadut St 5 S(728957)

Dealing in all kinds of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals, Cables & Wires and Transportation. ...

Chuan Ann Hardware Recycle Pte Ltd

48 Toh Guan Rd East #01-97 Enterprise Hub S(608586)

Chuan Chew Hardware Recycle Pte Ltd

34 Toh Guan Rd East #01-30 Enterprise Hub S(608579)

We specialize in collection and recycling mainly all types of scraps and metals, such as copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, cables, ...