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RAXTON Adaptors and Reducers

RAXTON Adaptors and Reducers are high quality electrical components offered by Westward Marketing Services. These electrical components provide reliable and tough performance even in the most extreme environments.

RAXTON Adaptors are known for providing a way of connection between dissimilar thread sizes or forms. Appropriate engineering practice should always be considered when using this type of adaptors. For safety and identification purposes, RAXTON Adaptors are marked with the applicable approval number and size. Theses adaptors are available in various plating including anodized, electroless nickel, chromatised, zinc passivated, electro zinc and nickel.

RAXTON Reducers are used to efficiently reduce the threaded entry diameter of any enclosure to accept a fitting or gland with a smaller thread, it may also be applied to accept smaller gland with alternative threads. Same with the RAXTON Adaptors, these reducers are also marked with the applicable approval number and size for safety and identification purposes.

We are very keen on identifying every customer’s requirements and specifications when it comes to the product’s quality and performance and with this trait we are able to exceed every customer’s expectation. Here at Westward Marketing Services, we can provide the electrical supply you need!

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