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R.W.M. Electric Chain Hoists

R.W.M. Electric Chain Hoists collections are engineered to lift loads from 125 kg to 5000 kg in a manufacturing environment with a high task cycle and dependability. The hoist body is entirely manufactured completely from aluminium and steel without plastic parts. With the new design, RWM have actually created a hoist with the minimum low headroom and at the same time, safe and dependable with particular focus to the selection and examination of materials used.


• Electric motor – 3 phase electric motor generated with solitary or double windings for single or double speeds
• Reduction Gear – Reduction gears designed with easy to change speed simply by raising or reducing the number of elements in the transmission
• Conventional operating voltage range for most applications
• Works to different temperature environment, without over-heating
• Compact and modular design
• Easy to maintain and cost-effective
• Manufactured from quality material with certification from different standards

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