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ATURIA GROUP – manufactures a wide range of high quality pumps in 4 areas. SUBMERSIBLE - The installation of submersible electric pumps for the past 60 years allowed Gruppo Aturia to acquire a wealth of application experience in a range of

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51A Tuas Sth Ave 1 Tuas Cove Ind Centre S(637260)

Deltafield Engineering Pte Ltd

Deltafield houses a team of veteran engineers, technical experts and skilled operators who have worked together since the 1990s. Incorporated in 2002, Deltafield is dedicated to reliable engineering, quality products and responsive customer service. ...

Hydro Pump Range Process Dosing Pumps

ProMinent Fluid Controls (FE) Pte Ltd presents this high quality and high performance Hydro Pump Range Process Dosing Pumps for numerous industrial processing applications. These metering pumps use hydraulic control which is very accurate and

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158 Kallang Way #02-06 Performance Bldg S(349245)

ProMinent Fluid Controls (FE) Pte Ltd

Prominent Fluid Controls (Fe) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Prominent GmbH which is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of metering pumps. Prominent GmbH located in Germany was established to deliver pumps from 0.1 liters/hour to 100,000 ...

Gasboy (USA) - Battery Operated Pumps

Flow Equipment Sales & Service Pte Ltd is proud to offer Gasboy (USA) – Battery Operated Pumps a reliable solution for every power pumping and fuel transfer pump problems. Our Gasboy (USA) – Battery Operated Pumps are complete with

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126 Pandan Loop S(128329)

Flow Equipment Sales & Service Pte Ltd

Flow Equipment Sales And Service Pte. Ltd. commenced business in 1988 with the main objective of supplying quality equipment, and to provide maintenance services, to the Oil, Gas, Chemicals and related industries. Through experience gained over the ...

VERDERAIR Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Varieties of VERDERAIR Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are now provided by I M Kinetic Asia Pte Ltd. These efficient and high performing air-operated double diaphragm pumps specifically offer smooth and reliable flow suitable for wide range of

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21 Toh Guan Rd East #06-17 Toh Guan Centre S(608609)

I M Kinetic Asia Pte Ltd

Established in 1996, I M Kinetic Asia Pte Ltd became one of the most experienced and trusted companies when it comes to products with innovative designs and engineering excellence. Our company is proud to be a part of the elite global distribution ...

Water Treatment Solutions

With the Strong and Emerging Waste Water Company and having Corporate and Social responsibility for the Environment, we have various Water & Waste Water Technologies with particular Emphasis to Reuse and Recycle as water being the most precious

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51 Bt Batok Cres #06-42 Unity Centre S(658077)

Liquimech Engineering Pte Ltd

Liquimech Engineering Pte Ltd was established in the year 2005. Our company provides comprehensive range of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps suitable for numerous industries such as Oil & Gas, Utility & Water Treatment, Waste ...


Speck Pumpen Side-Channel, Boiler Feed, Liquid Ring Vacuum, Displacement, Heat Transfer Pumps Side Channel, Liquid Ring Vacuum, Displacement Pumps, Radial Impeller, Heat-Transfer, NPSH-Suction, Oscillating Piston, Multistage Boiler Feed, Magnetic

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48 Toh Guan Rd East #05-141 Enterprise Hub S(608586)

Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd

Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd is one of the largest stockist for distribution of valves, pumps, instrumentation, control and safety products with our regional presence in Singapore, Malaysia (East & West), The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, ...

NOP Trochoid Pump

Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd presents this NOP Trochoid Pump which is primarily used for spindle oil circulation, wind power lubrication and gearbox oil circulation. It can also used as high pressure coolant pumps on machine tools as well as pumping of

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194 Pandan Loop #02-23 Pantech Business Hub S(128383)

Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd

Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd was established to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to various industrial needs. We specialize in quality high pressure coolant pumps, hydraulic, oil lubricating and submersible pumps. Made from high quality and ...

Vertical Centrifugal Pumps & Submersible Pumps

To provide innovative pumping solutions for wide variety of industrial applications concerning marine, power plants, shipyards, chemicals, construction and many other sectors Pumpco International Pte Ltd supplies full range of pump products,

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Blk 30 Kallang Pl #06-18 Kallang Basin Ind Est S(339159)

Pumpco International Pte Ltd

Headquartered in the Republic of Singapore, Pumpco International Pte Ltd was established in the year 1996. Since then, our company was able to deliver cost effective pumping solutions to diverse spectrum of industries. Industries we serve:• ...

SPECK Centrifugal, High Pressure, Chemical, High Viscosity Liquid, Vacuum Pump; SANSO Magnet Pump; BURKS Turbine Pump

Switer Engineering (FE) Pte Ltd offers a wide range of Pumps. (SPECK Centrifugal, High Pressure, Chemical, High Viscosity Liquid, Vacuum Pumps)(SANSO Magnet Pump)(BURKS Turbine Pump) Key Specifications/Special Features: SPECK Small Centrifugal

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Blk 1003 Toa Payoh Ind Pk #06-1519 S(319075)

Switer Engineering (FE) Pte Ltd

Established in 1993, Switer Engineering (FE) Pte Ltd has gained the reputation as a quality distributor of engineering equipment and safety systems. Our suppliers include Spill Station Australia, Hughes Safety, Proteus Industries, Kitz SCT, Bopp ...

Vertical & Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd offers affordable yet high performance Vertical & Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps suitable for wide variety of applications where transportation or transfer of liquids with high pressure is

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57 Senang Cres S(416624)

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd

Incorporated in the year 1994, Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd is currently a leading manufacturer of Industrial Water Chiller, Air Dehumidifier, Heat Exchangers, Oil Cooler and Low Temperature Brine Chiller application products. Our company is an ...

Zenit Float Switch

Zenit electronic and electromechanical control panels for submersible electric pump are specifically designed for the use of Zenit Float Switches. The wide array of Zenit’s customized panels is equipped with Zenit Float Switch to function

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30 Toh Guan Rd #08-07 S(608840)

Zenit Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Zenit Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Zenit Asia Pacific Pte Ltd started the operation in the year 2006 and is currently situated in a modern building at the heart of Singapore where we serve as the Zenit Group’s regional office in Singapore. Zenit Asia ...

Engine / Submersible Pump Rental and AVR for Alternator

Pumps & General Pte Ltd offers not only high quality products but services as well. Our trained and experienced service team can give outstanding assistance to customers with Engine / Submersible Pump Rental and AVR for Alternator questions and

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32 Sin Ming Dr #01-341 S(575706)

Pumps & General Pte Ltd

Established in the year 1996, Pumps & General Pte Ltd is a company specializing in the provision and distribution of application support on various pumps widely used in shipyard, construction, marine and oil & gas industries in Singapore and ...

Self Priming Pumps

Key Specifications/Special

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48 Toh Guan Rd East #08-125 Enterprise Hub S(608586)

Delton Marine Pte Ltd

Delton Marine Pte Ltd is specialized in Design & Installation of all types of Pumps Systems. ...

Mission Centrifugal Pump

Mission Centrifugal PumpMission MagnumMission S&W PumpApplication:Sewage Pipe JackingMining SlurriesDesanderMud

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48 Toh Guan Rd East #01-123 Enterprise Hub S(608586)

Istar Trading Pte Ltd

Istar Trading Pte Ltd was established on October 6, 1995. Operating for many years, our company is now one of the leading distributors and suppliers of submersible, industrial, sewage pumps and centrifugal pumps. We serve wide range of industries, ...


Radial Piston Pumps Type R and RG The radial piston pumps consist of radially arranged, valve controlled pump cylinders. Higher delivery flows can be created by stacking of up to 6 radials on a common shaft. The pump is usually driven by an

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25 International Business Pk #01-59/60 German Centre S(609916)

Hawe Hydraulik Singapore Pte Ltd

Welcome to the world of HAWE HAWE is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, high-quality hydraulic components and systems. About 1,900 employees contribute to the company's success at our headquarters in Munich, at our five other ...

Pumps are mechanical devices using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids, compress gases, or force air into inflatable objects such as tyres. There are three major groups of pumps according to their use: direct lift, displacement and gravity pumps.

Pumps are used for mechanical action in moving slurries, gases and liquids in a system. They are applied in industries such as farming, automotive, medical and energy. They are used to filter aquariums and ponds, cool water, inject fuel, pump oil and water. Pumps can either be submerged or not in the fluid to be pumped.
Mechanical pumps are categorized in terms of displacements which are further subdivided into categories.
• Velocity Pumps increase the flow velocity once the kinetic energy is mixed into a fluid.
oMixed-flow pumps are a combination of life and radial acceleration. This type of pump work with a higher pressure than other types of velocity pumps.
-Radial flow pumps have the fluid enter an axial plane, exiting to shaft and right angles.
-Axial flow pumps push fluid out that comes from an axis.
• Gravity Pumps use gravitational force to lift the water out of the system.
• Valveless Pumps are used in engineering and medicine for their regulated fluid transportation.
• Impulse Pumps use gas to create pressure to work.
-Pulser pumps use kinetic and natural energy to run.
-Airlift pumps rely on an inserted pipe for air to pass through that pushes the water out.
-Hydraulic ram pumps work by storing kinetic energy from a water supply.
• Positive Displacement Pumps work by moving a specific amount of fluid into a discharge pipe.
-Reciprocating-type has one or more membranes or plungers to move the fluid while being guided by a valve towards the right direction.
-Rotary-type has a rotating mechanism that produces an air of vacuum to draw in liquids.
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