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Ray Scientific Pte. Ltd. is proud to be the authorised distributor for RAE Systems, Inc., products since year 1999.

RAE Systems. Inc is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas and radiation detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection.

RAE Systems provides the widest, most proven range of gas and radiation-detection solutions that help organisations and users deliver around-the-clock monitoring for deadly atmospheric-gas releases.

RAE Systems offers a full-line of non-wireless and wireless enabled solutions including personal, hand-held, transportable, and fixed instruments designed to meet the needs of any usage scenario.

The product range includes:

Single-Gas And Multi-Gas Personal Gas Monitors :

ToxiRAE 3 – Full-featured single-gas monitor for CO and H2S.

ToxiRAE Pro Family – A full range of compact, personal wireless/non-wireless single-gas monitors: ToxiRAE Pro LEL, O2, CO2, PID, Toxic Gases.

QRAE II – Compact monitor for up to four gases.

QRAE 3 – Versatile compact wireless monitor for one-to-four gases.

MultiRAE Family – Wireless/non-wireless portable multi-gas and multi-threat monitors: MultiRAE Lite Diffused, MultiRAE Lite Pumped.

MicroRAE – Enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility for wireless gas detection.

GammaRAE II – High performance personal gamma radiation detector and full radiation dosimeter.

DoseRAE Pro – Rugged, personal radiation detector and dosimeter with stay-time alarm.

DoseRAE 2 – Compact, personal radiation dosimeter.

MiniDose – Easy-to-use, compact personal dosimeter.

NeutronRAE II – High performance personal Neutron and gamma radiation detector (PRD).

BioHarness – Real-time physiological monitoring.

Survey Monitors :

UltraRAE 3000 – Portable, wireless/non-wireless advanced VOC monitor with benzene-specific technology.

ppbRAE 3000 – The most advanced wireless/non-wireless handheld VOC monitor with parts-per-billion measurement.

MiniRAE 300 – The most advanced wireless/non-wireless handheld VOC monitor with parts-per-million measurement.

MiniRAE Lite – Simple, easy-to-use handheld VOC monitor.

MultiRAE Benzene – Wireless/Non-wireless Portable Multi-Gas Monitor with Benzene-Specific Measurement.

MultiRAE Family – Wireless/non-wireless portable multi-gas and multi-threat monitors: MultiRAE Lite Diffused, MultiRAE Lite Pumped.

Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes & Pump – Affordable measurement for specific gases and vapors.

Transportable Monitors :

AreaRAE Plus – Transportable area monitor for multiple threat detection.

AreaRAE Pro – The first choice of first responders.

AreaRAE Steel – Transportable, wireless/non-woreless multi-gas monitor designed for wide-harsh environments.

AreaRAE Gamma Steel – Rugged, weather-resistant, wireless/non-wireless multi-gas and radiation wide area monitor.

AreaRAE Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) – Rapidly deployable wireless gas detection for hazardous threats.

Fixed Gas Monitors :

RAEGuard 2 PID – Easily calibrated, fixed VOC monitor.

MeshGuard Gas Detectors – Rapidly deployable wireless gas detectors : LEL, LEL(IR), CO, EC, Gamma.

MeshGuard RDK – Rapidly deployable fixed gas detection system.
FMC 2000 – Multi-channel command and control center for MeshGuard network.
FA200 Alarm Bar – Multi-alarm device for fixed monitors.

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