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PODEM Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Podemcrane/Podem is one of the globe's leading vendors of crane components, meant for crane manufacturers as well as individual users. Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd is proud to offer quality PODEM Electric Wire Rope Hoists from this renowned brand manufacturer. Offering the best selling range of wire rope hoist, we are the leading distributor to various industries like semiconductor, food packaging, ship building and many more.

Podemcrane – the successor of Podem, is the largest wire rope electric hoists maker in Central and Eastern Europe. In its history the company has offered over 1, 900, 000 electrical wire rope hoists in greater than 40 countries and also has 50 years of experience in designing mechanisms for lifting.

Key Specifications/Special Features: Standard nomenclature:
• Capacity – from 0,8 to 50 t
• Duty mode (FEM) – from 1 Am to 3 m
Individual engineering solutions
Main advantages:
• High reliability
• Long life
• Low maintenance costs
• Work in heavy operating conditions
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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd takes pride on serving the market with professional high-quality custom-engineered industrial lifting solutions for...