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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd offers this high-lifting capacity overhead crane for all types of industries, it can cater a multi-directional movement of materials and offers support to a more bulky loads. These Overhead Cranes are made up of parallel runways with traveling bridge for the smooth traverse of the hoist, with the following advantages;

• Offers high-efficiency and productivity, able to take care of bigger loads, thus, moving of items can be done smoothly, accurately and required less manpower and time to execute
• Very versatile and customizable as below the crane accessories are limitless for various types of lifting projects
• Guarantees safety to operator, unlike fork lifts, over head cranes operator can strategically position himself in order to prevent blind spot while operations is ongoing
• Less space requirement to move one item to one place or another, thus giving you a clearer and wider floor space to use
• Flexible workforce, with Overhead Cranes you can include both sexes and smaller frame workers in your operations as there would be less manual lifting job

For your overhead requirements, Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd is your best partner in achieving all these advantages and more.

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