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Oil pollution controls in Singapore is very important. It is one of the priorities of the government to maintain a healthy and pollution free country especially that it is one of the largest industrial countries in Southeast Asia. The main purpose of companies offering oil pollution controls is to eliminate oil spills and or impose sludge control systems for other companies and manufacturing plants engaged in operations that need hazardous substances control. Oil spills, untreated waste disposals and other hazardous substances all contribute to environmental pollution that put everything on earth in danger. Most of these factors come from factories, ships and many industrial facilities which have poor and unregulated spill prevention systems.

There are plans for detailed containment and prevention for oil spills and or oil pollution. These usually vary by scale and industry involved. Different situations require different types of treatment such as recovery, containment, spill response, bio-treatment and cleaning chemicals, sludge control and others. One of the most common treatments is recovery which is designed to remove oil from a polluted area. There are different technologies that require different equipment and tools to perform tasks of removing oils or contamination in an area or situation. Industrial oil skimmers are for large areas of contamination. Low capacity oil skimmers are designed for confined areas and mostly for emergency oil responses. Heavy oil skimmers also made for emergency responses but for viscous oils that are hard to remove by simple equipment. Inshore oil skimmers are used in the marine industry and have containment oil booms that are perfect for harbours and ports. Offshore emergency oil skimmers are used to efficiently remove and recover oil at sea.

The Green Book Directory presents a list of companies that supply equipment and services for use in oil pollution prevention and control in Singapore. Sourcing for the most trusted service and equipment has never been easier for procurement officers for any industry.

Basic Listings

BP Singapore Pte Ltd

1 Harbourfront Ave #02-01 Keppel Bay Tower S(098632)

InteRelated Instruments & Services Pte Ltd

20 Penjuru Lane S(609193)

InteRelated Instruments & Services Pte Ltd has Established Since 1981 to distribute a range of quality industrial products. The company ...

KPR Singapore Pte Ltd

71 Tannery Lane #06-06/07 City Ind Bldg S(347807)

KPR Singapore Pte Ltd is a renowned enterprise which specializes in safety footwear. With it’s strong know-how and knowledge workforce ...

Oil Spill Science Solution

1 Bt Batok Cres #07-37 WCEGA Plaza S(658064)

Pacc Offshore Services Holdings Pte Ltd

1 Kim Seng Promenade #06-01 Great World City S(237994)

PPE Distribution (S) Pte Ltd

Blk 9004 Tampines St 93 #03-124/120 Tampines Ind Pk A S(528838)

PPE Distribution (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1993 as a company that distributes safety products to the various industries. Since our ...

PSE Safety Corporation Pte Ltd

48 MacTaggart Rd #11-02 MAE Ind Bldg S(368088)

PSE Safety Corporation Pte Ltd was established to provide first class occupational safety and health products to our customers. With Safety ...