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Norchem Chemicals: Marine

A wide spectrum of Chemicals: Marine Products is available at Goldcrest International Singapore Pte Ltd.

We offer Norchem products including chemical cleaners and water treatment products. The Norchem range is composed of acidic, alkaline, solvents, surfactants and water-based detergents and cleaners. These are all manufactured under stringent quality controls to make sure of optimum quality and performance. They can be used in various applications like marine, industrial and offshore industries. We also have Norchem Xcell range which was specifically designed to meet the demands of customers for cost-effective cleaning alternative to reduce their maintenance costs.

Get your Marine Chemicals today at Goldcrest International Singapore Pte Ltd and avail them at very affordable prices.

Our Norchem  and Xcell marine chemical products include:
• Solvent Degreaser
• Electric Cleaner
• Rust Stripper
• Ruscon
• Carbon Remover
• Tank Cleaner
• Oil Spill Dispersant
• Rigwash
• Alkaline Cleaning compound
• Seaquest (Water-Based Oil Spill Dispersant)
• Solsud
• Universal Solvent cleaner

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