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TD-500D Hand Held Oil In Water Analyzer

TD-500D Hand Held Oil In Water Analyzer

Related Classifications: handheld digital multimeters, digital handheld microscope

No wires, No glass fiber cables, No delicate probes: Just Portable!

The TD-500D is the least expensive, lightest, smallest, easiest to use, most accurate and most repeatable device on the market for measuring crude oil and condensates in produced water, de-salter tail water, tank bottoms, cargo heaters, or anywhere that crude oil comes in contact with water.

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Crude oil and condensates in produced water

De-salter tail water

Tank bottoms

Cargo heaters

Anywhere that crude oil comes in contact with water


Oil and grease analysis in less than 4 minutes

Compatible with all popular extraction solvents

No solvent evaporation

Easy calibration with crude oil standards or correlation to other methods

Minimum detection limit: < 1ppm for most crude oils Range: 0 to > 1,000 ppm

Portable, hand held, < 1lb.

Measures WSO’s at pH < 2

No interference from methanol

Accurate and highly repeatable

Correlates to standard laboratory gravimetric and IR methods

CheckPOINT® solid calibration check standard

Fluorescence technology

Disposable cuvettes

Powered by 4 AAA batteries

Measurements per battery change: >1,000

CE certified

Meets IP67, dust-proof, waterproof, non-metallic case

Warranty: 12 months

Country of Product Origin United States

Date of Product Launch Nov-2018

Company Name Ace Instrumentation Pte Ltd

Product News

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