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Reducing valves (PB) & Flow Control Valves (NV)

Reducing valves (PB) & Flow Control Valves (NV)

Related Classifications: hydraulic valves, hydraulic pneumatic speed control check valves, hydraulic spool valve

Uses of Pressure Reducing valves (PB):

• Reduce a high primary pressure at port 2 (inlet) to a controlled lower pressure at port 1 (reduced pressure). The reduced pressure is determined by the spring adjustment plus any pressure in port 3 (adjustment spring chamber drain).
• Provide a controlled lower pressure to a secondary circuit function (reducing and/or reducing/relieving valves)
• Provide accurate reduced pressure control for clamp and hold down circuits (typically reducing valves)
• Provide with a controlled required pressure a constant counterbalancing force for bi-directional machine elements (reducing/relieving valves).

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Specifications of Pressure Reducing valves (PB):

• Rated flow of up to 320LPM
• Pressure range of 3.5 Bar - 315 Bar
• Maximum inlet pressure at Port 2 is 350 Bar
• Direct Acting Pressure Reducing/Relieving valves are available
• Uses of Flow Control Valves (NV):
• Regulate flow control
• When placed ahead of a control device or actuator, needle valves act as a meter-in device
• When placed on the downstream side of a control device, they act to meter-out flow from the actuator

Specifications of NV:

• Rated flow of up to 520 LPM
• Maximum pressure of up to 350 Bar
• Special features of NV:
• Adjustable needle allows for accurate flow control. Coupling this with an integral check valve will enable unrestricted flow from port 2 to port 1.
• A balanced adjusting mechanism for low operating effort at high pressure.
• Sharp-edged orifice design to minimise flow variation with viscosity changes.
• Optional needle orifice ranges.
• Positive shut-off of flow when closed.
• Five turns of adjustment.

Our team at Latco is able to provide custom-made valves and manifolds according to your requirements. To get complete product and service information, you may directly contact our team or post your inquiries below.

Country of Product Origin Singapore

Date of Product Launch Sep-2018

Company Name Latco Enterprises Pte Ltd

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