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Oilcon® Mark 6 M Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)

Oilcon® Mark 6 M Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)

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For the continuous on-line monitoring of discharge water during de-ballasting operations, VAF Instruments is one of world’s main suppliers. The Oilcon® Mark 6 oil discharge monitoring & control systems are more reliable and more accurate than any other monitoring & control system. It is suitable for all ballast and slop water discharges.

Original Press Release

Unprecedented accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency

Undesirable as it is that a ship has to stay in port because of problems reliability is our highest priority. The system is based on the unique multiple scattering principle for which VAF Instruments has obtained world-wide patents. This technique resulted in unprecedented levels of accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency of installation and ownership.


Meeting every quality standard

The Oilcon® Mark 6 Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systemsapply to the highest quality standards. The system fully complies with MARPOL requirements and is standard equipped with a panel mount Main Control Unit. The system is equipped with a comprehensive range of alarms and controls. All this and more from a fully ISO 9001 certified company.


Contributing to a cleaner environment

VAF Instruments makes every effort to prevent marine pollution. Because no additional chemicals or solvents are needed for operation no environmental pollution takes place. No hot water flushing is required, which means minimal fresh water consumption.


First class service and installation

We provide not only the hardware, but also engineering assistance, installation and tuning on board or on site. VAF instruments has experience with hundreds of installations, in all kinds of environments and with all types of applications.


Consult VAF Instruments for further information.

Oilcon® Mark 6 is a registered trade mark of VAF Instruments B. V

Country of Product Origin Singapore

Date of Product Launch Jan-2019

Company Name Ace Instrumentation Pte Ltd

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