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New nVent ERIFLEX - Single Pole Distribution Blocks Range Extension

New nVent ERIFLEX - Single Pole Distribution Blocks Range Extension

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Our Single Pole Distribution Blocks offer now includes :

  • A wide range of Ampacity ratings (up to 1250A IEC and 950A UL)
  • Compact and safe connection options for Eriflex Flexibar & IBSB Advanced with up to 12 cables
  • Global certifications (UL, IEC)



Original Press Release

Advantages : Single Pole Distribution Blocks Range Extension

  • Full Global Single Pole Distribution Blocks range from 80A to 1250A per IEC and 85A to 950A per UL
  • Multiple connection options :

- Input / Line Side ~ 1 cable, 2 cables, Flexibar Advanced or IBS/IBSB Advanced Power Braids
- Output / Load Side ~ up to 12 cables

  • Connecting on large cross section aluminum/copper conductors
  • Safety (IP20, including unique patented Slider), time & weight savings and reliability
  • Global certification & approvals
  • High short-circuit current rating
  • Voltage per IEC & UL certification
  • UL Listed or UL recognized Range

Country of Product Origin ;

Date of Product Launch Jun-2019

Company Name GIS Technology Pte Ltd

Product News

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