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Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3

Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3

Related Classifications: hydraulic controls, hydraulic pneumatic speed control check valves

HAWE Hydraulik SE presents its Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3 certified for its SIL2-capacity. Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3 was designed to function as actuator on proportional valves’ solenoid in many industrial hydraulic applications. Perfect for lifting, presses and hoisting installations, Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3 ensures control precision for pressure and volume flow with its integrated feedback flow gauge that can handle -20C to +50C temperature range.

Original Press Release

Amplifier supports functional safety up to SIL2

Precise control of proportional valves

Takes up little space and is easy to start-up: the electronic amplifier, type EV1M3, from HAWE Hydraulik.
The electronic amplifier for actuating proportional valves, type EV1M3, from HAWE Hydraulik SE, Munich, is now certified as suitable for safety functions, as an independent expert certified the product's SIL2-capacity. This makes it easier for machine and plant manufacturers to document the functional safety of the entire machine and/or plant. What's more, operators can now rely on a high degree of protection against failure.

The amplifier had been developed for industrial hydraulic applications, such as presses, lifting and hoisting installations or machining tools. It actuates the proportional valves' solenoids using a pulse-width modulated signal (PWM). Its integrated feedback flow gauge ensures pressure and volume flow are precisely controlled. This way the valve opens and closes with the same precision over a temperature range from -20°C to +50°C and at different operating cycles. The effect of this good reproducibility is that the valve operates reliable.

The parameters of minimum and maximum flow, dither amplitude and ramps are easily set manually via a multi-turn potentiometer. Programming knowledge is not required. The proportional amplifier is designed for assembly using a card holder on standardized 32 mm and/or 25 mm wide top hat rails in switch cabinets.

Country of Product Origin Germany

Date of Product Launch May-2015

Company Name Hawe Hydraulik Singapore Pte Ltd

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