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Gas Detector | Defender Gas Alarm

Gas Detector | Defender Gas Alarm

Related Classifications: explosion proof gas detectors, gas - explosion proof detectors, gas detectors

CitiSafe Pte Ltd announces the launching of its newest brand of gas leak detection system, Gas Detector | Defender Gas Alarm is a flexible and multi-industry detector made to locate gas leakage from any type of business. Gas Detector | Defender Gas Alarm features remote sensors connected by a single 3 core cable to the main control unit. This Gas Detector | Defender Gas Alarm provides cost saving solution to commercial and light industrial applications like workshops, laboratories, boiler plant rooms, etc.

Original Press Release

CitiSafe Pte Ltd presents cost effective gas detection system for various industries


Presenting a cost saving solution over a conventional gas alarm system, CitiSafe Pte Ltd is now available with Flexible & Multi Industry Detector. This gas leak detection system accurately detects the exact location of leakage wherever, in any type of industry.

It features its remote control technology that is connected to the main control unit using a single 3 core cable. Designed with advance technology, the control unit provides high integrity system while giving a significant cost saving solution as compared to conventional gas alarm systems. Each sensor has LED light, alarm sounder and relay that serves as the signaling device to the operator regarding the status of the environment. Using an additional auxiliary power pack, sensor types may be mixed up to 16 per zone or even up to 64 per zone. The sensor can alternatively be used separately without a control unit, given that they are powered using a 24 volt DC supply.

It can be incorporated in any working condition like workshops, laboratory, boiler plant rooms and more. It is available for detecting toxic, oxygen, refrigerant or flammable gas leaks. Each gas sensor continuously monitors the environment for any types of hazardous components. During the detection process, the sensor will indicate gas level status from A1. A2 to A3, the signal will be delivered using LED indication and alarm sounder to warn personnel from nearby stations. The signal received by the control panel will then be displayed, showing the alarm status, zone and gas type. From here, corrective action will be acted upon at different scenario by activating relays and the right control functions, especially when set limit is reached.


• Multiple sensors with 3 core network
• Tested and pre-set sensors
• Combined technology for detecting toxic, flammable, oxygen and refrigerant elements
• Adjustable 4 zone, 1-16 sensors up to 64 sensors (16 per zone) with additional power pack
• Timed, ON, OFF alarm levels
• With 4 zone indicators
• Individual sensors that feature audible visual alarms and relay with stand alone optional feature
• With Combi CANbus system, Connect directly to the GDS
• Easy to install design
• Easy to integrate system
• Off the shelf system
• User define screen text

Country of Product Origin United Kingdom

Date of Product Launch Dec-2015

Company Name CitiSafe Pte Ltd

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