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Flame Detectors

Flame Detectors

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Classification: navigational equipment & supplies

ATS Electronics formerly known as Associated Technical Services Pte Ltd was established since 1966. In April 2001, Associated Technical Services merged with sister company WH Brennan & Co to become a division of WH Brennan. ATS Electronic... Read More >>


Classification: marine equipment & supplies

Our Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB’s) are first in its class and build according your specifications. Blue-Sprit stands for the best design for the best price in the market place. All Blue-Spirit boats will be built in the Netherl... Read More >>

Lifejacket lights

Classification: marine equipment & supplies

All Daniamant Lifejacket lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 0.75cd output specification and 8 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations... Read More >>

expired pyros disposal

Classification: pyrotechnics

DISPOSAL OF MARINE PYROTECHNICS We are authorized by local authority to collect expired pyrotechnics and lithium batteries for proper disposal by government-approved contractors.Our main objective for this service is to prevent marine... Read More >>

fire escape smoke hood

Classification: smoke masks

Widely used by marine, oil & gas industries for protection against inhaling of toxic gases in the event of fire.... Read More >>

Flameless Lighter Ciglow

Classification: marine equipment & supplies

The CIG-SS wall mounted Flameless Lighter unithouses our fast heating element inside a tamper proof stainless steel enclosure. The CIG-SS has been designed for use in environments where naked flames pose a risk to people, property and a... Read More >>

Flameless Lighter

Classification: lighters: cigarette

The CIG-SS wall mounted Flameless Lighter unithouses our fast heating element inside atamperproof stainless steel enclosure. The CIG-SShas been designed for use in environments wherenaked flames pose a risk to people, property anda... Read More >>

Breathing Apparatus

Classification: breathing apparatus

Designed and approved to prEN137 Class II, the new fire fighters European standard for Breathing Apparatus including a full flame engulfment test.... Read More >>


Classification: radio beacons

Kannad Marine EPIRB Non GPS The Kannad Marine 406 MHz EPIRB meets IMO SOLAS requirements when purchased with the Auto housing, making it suitable for all classes of Commercial vessel.The Kannad Marine 406 MHz EPIRB meets IMO SOLAS req... Read More >>

Search and Rescue Locating Device

Classification: rescue equipment & supplies

The RESCUER 2 SART is a 9GHz X-band Radar transponder and has been designed for assisting air/sea ship or survival craft rescue operations in accordance with IMO, SOLAS requirements.The RESCUER 2 has been designed for reliable operati... Read More >>

Portable & Wheel Fire Extinguishers

Classification: fire extinguishers

Amerex manufactures an extensive variety of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, both “compliance”(code required) and “specialty” types. “Specialty” type extinguishers are intended for use on particular types of hazards, socareful... Read More >>

Immersion Suit

Classification: marine equipment & supplies

In production since 1959, these superior quality Immersion Suits were the first ever Immersion Suits available for the maritime market. Meticulously crafted and pressure tested upon completion, the suits are available in a USCG/SOLAS... Read More >>

Halon Recycling & Refilling

Classification: halon gas system

Our services cover the full range of halon recovery, reclamation and recycling activities including: decommissioning halon systems; recycling to international quality standards; system servicing and recharging, long term halon bank ma... Read More >>

Marine Galley Fire Suppression

Classification: fire fighting equipment

Nobel Fire Systems designs, installs and services a range of fire suppression and detection systems that are distributed nationally and internationally both from our base in the UK and through our growing network of agents. Protection and Integ... Read More >>


Classification: liferafts

RFD Surviva Suitable for use on all types of commercial and military marine craft Incorporate the latest innovations in design and manufacturing techniques making it the ultimate commercial liferaft... Read More >>


Classification: pyrotechnics

The leading light – worldwidePains Wessex, a world leading manufacturer of Pyrotechnics for the commercial and leisure marine markets, has been saving lives around the globe for more than a century. The comprehensive range of marine... Read More >>

Immersion Suit - Stearns

Classification: marine equipment & supplies

Immersion Suit provides quality anti-hypothermia protection....

liferaft servcing

Classification: liferafts

Acting as a complement to the shipping industry, our comprehensive service facilities meet both local and regional needs as a result of our fully-equipped technical workshop at Loyang Industrial Estate manned by highly-trained techni... Read More >>

Hydrostatic Release

Classification: marine equipment & supplies

CM Hammar AB ­ better solutions for safety at sea. Every day, millions of people sail the seven seas on all kinds of business and pleasure. With so many people afloat, safety at sea ranks high in importance. CM Hammar AB was founde... Read More >>

Lifejackets / Vests

Classification: lifejackets

Survitec Survival Products Inc (SSPI) is the new addition to the Survitec Group of companies. Formerly the commercial division of Revere Supply Company Inc, SSPI has a heritage of over 70 years servicing the maritime industry. Suppl... Read More >>

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