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Explosion Proof Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711

Explosion Proof Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711

Related Classifications: explosion proof door, explosion proof fans, explosion proof hoist

The Explosion Proof Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 are a multi path, robust and explosion proof multi pin connectors for hazardous applications like mining, oil and gas, and process plants.

Citisafe emphasized the fast and convenient interconnection of control circuits using Explosion Proof Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 as well as its simple yet rugged construction.

The Explosion Proof Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 has superior connectivity with security coding that can be configured up to five positions.

Original Press Release

Citisafe Pte Ltd launches TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711, Robust and Explosion-Proof Multi Pin “EX D Connectors” used in Heavy Duty and Hazardous Area Applications

Singapore – May 21, 2015: Earlier this year, Citisafe Pte Ltd launches its newest product from Trolex called the EX D Connectors and is now already out in the market.

TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 EX D Connectors are a multi path, robust and explosion proof multi pin connectors intended to serve heavy duty and hazardous applications such as mining, oil and gas, steel processing, process plants, and tunneling. It can also be used in marine applications as well as mobile machinery and portable equipment.

These units are constructed from aluminium, brass, or stainless steel housings depending on the customers’ requirement. The connectors include an extremely tough moulded urethane weather caps that is permanently attached into the connector and serves as a built-in shock protecting fenders to resist maximum impact and extreme working environments. These are available in two sizes including the TX3700 and TX3710 that can accommodate 4, 10 and 14 contact ways while the TX3701 and TX3711 accommodate 26 and 37 contact ways or 3 and 8 high voltage contact ways. It has high voltage options reaching up to 2000Vdc.

Citisafe highlighted the fast and convenient interconnection of control circuits and power connections in hazardous areas. Its unique method of simple design yet rugged construction makes it superior compared to other connectors.

In addition, the leading supplier reiterated the connector’s superior connectivity, design simplicity, ease of connection, and security coding that can be configured up to five coding positions. These connectors are easy to assemble since the main components are interchangeable which makes the choice of connector format easy to specify.

About Citisafe

Citisafe Pte Ltd specializing in Trading, Calibration, Service, Rental and Sales of Occupational Health and Safety products was established in June 2007. The company aspires to become one of the leading distributors of outstanding and high quality products and equipment in Singapore and to other parts of Southeast Asia. They are involved in installation, customization, and maintenance of gas monitoring systems as well as the air distribution systems and sound level measurement.

Citisafe provides qualified and well trained technicians together with the automated calibration and other reliable technology offering extensive technical support to their most valued customers.

The company promotes exceptional principles and values in particular with good business etiquette by being responsible and reliable while building a strong relationship to their customers and achieving their trust through the quality of services they offer as well as the continuous improvement and development of solutions to meet high demands in the industry.

Country of Product Origin United Kingdom

Date of Product Launch May-Year

Company Name CitiSafe Pte Ltd

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