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Automatic Lubricators | Greasemax®

Automatic Lubricators | Greasemax®

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This Automatic Lubricators | Greasemax® is an automatic lubricant originally from Germany. A great solution for re-lubricating applications at limited or small spaces and ready to use from the pack, this Automatic Lubricators | Greasemax® unit is packed with custom-made food grade/ heavy industrial lubricants which is suited for various equipment requirements. This Automatic Lubricators | Greasemax® has chemically operated and tool free activated lubricator for fine and reliable lubricant flow.

Original Press Release

Product Launch of Automatic Lubricator - GREASEMAX®

Tecsia Lubricants is proud to have found the solution to relubricating applications at confined spaces and brought in GREASEMAX®, a continuous automatic lubricator, from Germany.

These lubricators are conveniently ready-to-use straight from the delivery package! GREASEMAX® units are filled with customised heavy industrial or food-grade lubricants to suit various equipment requirements.

Why choose GREASEMAX®:

• Lubricates all critical components regardless of installation points
• Safety with no frequent climbing around inaccessible areas
• Measured lubrication amount equates to no lubricant wastage

The tool-free activated and chemically operated lubricators allow easy and accurate lubricant flow. There are four types of lubricators based on estimated operating periods that are categorised by coloured caps. With this, GREASEMAX® taps onto flexible dispense rate of 1 to 12 months.

Country of Product Origin Germany

Date of Product Launch Mar-2015

Company Name Tecsia Lubricants Pte Ltd

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