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The most affordable all-in-one solution for creating and printing your price tags on plastic cards.Edikio offers you everything you need to create attractive price tags quickly, efficiently, and economically directly at your points of... Read More

Are your mobile computers meeting the demands of your warehouse and DC operations? You need a device that can withstand demanding environments while still being agile and responsive to any situation.The new CK75 fits the bill with an u... Read More

A simple and cost-effective way to monitor your production process Most manufacturing machine are supplied with Tower Light to show the 'machine status' or 'machine condition' e.g. POWER ON, RUNNING, WARNING and DOWN. Do your proce... Read More

Longitudinal Submerged-Arc Welded Steel Pipe... Read More

The Honeywell Xenon™ 1902g-bf area-imager scanner incorporates the latest in battery-free technology, offering the freedom of Bluetooth® low-energy wireless technology without the maintenance hassles or long recharge time a... Read More

Multiple market trends in e-commerce and distribution centers have elevated the importance of space optimization in transportation, storage and workflows.... Read More

Parat C Fire Escape Hood with Saft Bag... Read More

New Stainless Steel Glove Cut Resistant, SS316 Wire Mesh... Read More

LIGHT. AFFORDABLE. SMART.The light and smallest form factor industrial thermal PD43 printer incorporate the latest printing innovations into a compact and affordable package.Ideal for tight spaces, shallow countertops, and pull-out... Read More

DURABLE. FAST. INTELLIGENT.An affordable solution for medium-duty industrial thermal printing applications.Compatible and easily deployable into your infrastructure. A rugged and reliable choice for retail, warehouse, manufacturing and t... Read More

Evolis Primacy Card Printer is already the best card printer on the market, but it just got even better!The new Evolis Primacy Lamination Card Printer, brings you all-in-one, affordable system for adding lamination to your cards that... Read More

Citisafe Pte Ltd presents this Gas Detector | Honeywell MicroRAE wireless 4-Gas Monitor with GPS provides new and state-of-the-art functionality to the ConnectXt Safety Solutions with exceptional level of user-friendliness. Gas Detector |... Read More

Citisafe Pte Ltd is proud to announce this Gas Monitors | Honeywell MultiRAE Benzene Wireless Portable Gas Monitor to give a new level of Safety Protection for workers in hazardous sites and confined spaces. Gas Monitors | Honeywell... Read More

CitiSafe Pte Ltd announces the launching of its newest brand of gas leak detection system, Gas Detector | Defender Gas Alarm is a flexible and multi-industry detector made to locate gas leakage from any type of business. Gas Detector |... Read More

CitiSafe Pte Ltd presents this Meters: Vibration | Revo™ Vibration Meter to give you a whole new experience of vibration innovation. Meters: Vibration | Revo™ Vibration Meter provides protection and safety at work exposed to... Read More

Gas Montitors | MultiRAE MX is now being offered by CitiSafe Pte Ltd. Certified by MED, Gas Monitors | MultiRAE MX is the only 1 to 6 wireless gas detector specifically made for Marine application. Gas Monitors | MultiRAE MX provides... Read More

HAWE Hydraulik SE presents its Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3 certified for its SIL2-capacity. Hydraulic Controls | EV1M3 was designed to function as actuator on proportional valves’ solenoid in many industrial hydraulic applications... Read More

The Explosion Proof Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711 are a multi path, robust and explosion proof multi pin connectors for hazardous applications like mining, oil and gas, and process plants.Citisafe emphasized the fast and c... Read More

Adidas launches its new cycling jerseys, the Sports Apparel | Supernova Climachill Jersey, this cycling apparel has an active cooling wear suitable for active cyclist. Sports Apparel | Supernova Climachill Jersey is designed for spor... Read More

The Bar Code Readers | DataMan® 150, 260 and 360 Series are image-based ID readers and are now available. Bar Code Readers | DataMan® 150, 260 and 360 Series are easy to use and are integrated with the latest Cognex® algor... Read More



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