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Vertical Milling Machine HYM 30

Milling Machine (HYM 30) is a type of vertical milling machine offered by J-Tech Machinery. This rigid machine is best used for application in machinery industries like vertical milling, drilling, die sinking, tapping, angular milling and jig

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Blk 38 Defu Lane 10 #03-13 S(539215)

J-Tech Machinery Trading Pte Ltd

J-Tech imports best machineryexpertise continuously so that its customers can always update the most state-of-art machineryinformation and technology. ...

Jet JMD-1 Milling Machines

- Cast iron design for vibration free operation - Powerful 150W DC-motor - Variable seed range 100-2000 rpm in 2 steps - Left hand spindle rotation allows tapping operations - Right/left-tiltable column for flexible work - Compound table

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77 Robinson Rd #34-00 Robinson 77 S(068896)

Jet Machinery Pte Ltd

JET has been producing quality tools and machinery for woodworking & metalworking since 1958 and has earned a well deserved reputation for innovative design and quality manufacture of the highest quality products available. JET rapidly ...


- Meehanite castings for all major parts - Simultaneous 3 axes control for X,Y,Z axes (Standard) - Optional automatic tool changer for converting to machining center. - Linear scales on X,Y,Z axes - Powerful hydraulic system clamps rotary table

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1007 Tai Seng Ave #01-2600 S(534411)

Hsiu Fong Machinery (S) Pte Ltd

We provide Machine Tools including Hsiu Fong - EDM / Wire Cut Machines; Top Well - Milling Machines; Equiptop, Proth - Surface Grinding Machines; Microweily, Pinacho - Lathes, CNC Lathes; FEMCO - CNC Lathes; FEELER - CNC Machining Centers; PALMARY - ...

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Flexspeed Technology Pte Ltd

Blk 211 Woodlands Ave 9 #06-79 Woodlands Spectrum II S(738960)

CORE BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Flexspeed Technology Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive range of technologically advanced precision milling, ...

Malayan Daching Co Pte Ltd

5 Tg Penjuru Cres S(608970)

The company has since progress with time and technology and moved from servicing and supplying mechanical scales to electronic scales. In ...

Milling machine in Singapore is quite in high demand especially by companies with production. Various companies needing metalwork ranging from aluminum to stainless steel would employ the use of such machinery. A milling machine can also be used in cutting wood and other solid materials. A milling machine is a power driven power tool that primarily shapes solid raw products to produce a finished one. Often automated, they are also capable of a number of cutting operations such as drilling, slot cutting, flycutting, precision boring, threading, grinding and more.

Traditional and manually operated machines are still found in a number of factories. However, most designs are now prepared using CAD systems where most of these milling machines are CNC-operated. A CNC operator controls tools with a use of computer which looks like a typical PC control but has unique software and console that set a machine apart from other systems. The tools that a CNC controls include lathes, mills, routers and grinders.

Milling machines can be classified according to their versatility and usefulness depending on their types:
• Column and knee type are the most common milling machines where the spindle to which the milling cutter is either vertical or horizontal. This type of machine has the following parts: work table, saddle, knee, overarm and head.
• Bed type has its table mounted directly on the bed which replaces the knee and is limited to longitudinal movement. These are mostly used in high production works.
• Rotary type can rotate from vertical to horizontal position, or vice-versa. With other machines, the worktable is moveable depending on the orientation needed for the cutting design.
• Tracer controlled machine reproduces parts from a model. They are mostly used in automotive and aerospace parts production because of the complex parts

Safety and Use
With any use of machine, safety and hazards should always be taken into account. Here are a few safety pointers:
1. Understand the proper procedure before operating a milling machine. Read and have proper training before operating it independently.
2. Remove all accessories including watches, jewelry or anything worn on the wrist. Use safety goggles all the time.
3. Work plan is important before starting the machine. Lay out the plan on what to do first and how to do them in order to have a smooth operation.
4. It is mandatory that you know where the OFF switch/button is.
5. When moving heavy attachments, seek assistance.
6. Always use a piece of cloth as protection whenever handling cutters with bare hands.
7. Floor must be kept clear of chips, sharp objects, or scraps whenever operating around the machine.
8. NEVER leave the machine running unattended.

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