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The activity of obtaining and comparing physical quantities is referred to as measurement. Measurement can be done from almost any physical activity or material. There are several different types of measurements that can be taken and several different measuring instruments exist to be used for taking measurement. Measurement is done in physical sciences, quality assurance and engineering work, to attain numerical values which can later be used in various activities for several different purposes[Read More..]

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SmartScope® Vantage™ 300

SmartScope® Vantage™ 300 offers precision dimensional metrology with minimal measurement uncertainty. Built with its patented "elevating bridge" design, it is still small enough to fit on a benchtop. SmartScope® Vantage™ offers

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21 Tannery Rd S(347733)

Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd

Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd (OGS) is a Quality Vision International Company (QVI). Our parent company Optical Gaging Products Inc., USA was incorporated in Rochester, New York in 1954. We specialize in designing and manufacturing of multisensor ...

EPD Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Finetek Pte Ltd provides wide range of products including this high quality and high performance EPD Series Electromagnetic Flow meter. Our EPD30 provides the industry’s broadest range of electrodes, liners and sizes to effectively meet the

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60 Kaki Bt Pl #07-06 Eunos Techpark 2 Lobby B S(415979)

Finetek Pte Ltd

Established to serve various industries in Singapore, FineTek Pte Ltd started to operate and carry our own brand “FineTek”. We are now the leading manufacturer of Process Automation Level Measurement Soluition, Wireless Communication ...

HIOKI Multimeter Series

Engineered based on extensive customer feedback, the Hioki Digital Multimeter DT4200 series delivers the design and quality needed in order to ensure safety in field

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BSE Electrical Supplies Pte Ltd

BSE Electrical Supplies Pte Ltd is the Stockist and Authorized Distributor for Electrical Cables, Cable Supports, Low Voltage Switchgears, Lighting, Cable Accessories, Hardware, Automation Components & Power Tools. ...

Time Measuring Instrument

TIME offers wide Range of Quality Measuring Instruments: Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Vibration Tester, Surface Roughness Tester, Coating Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Infrared Thermometer, AC Yoke Magnetic Particle Flaw

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Nanyang Instrument & Machinery Pte Ltd

As an importer and exporter of a wide range of machinery and technical equipments, we have enjoyed a very good reputation in the industry for over 40 years, since our establishment in the year 1972. We truly appreciate all our suppliers and ...

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CitiSafe Pte Ltd

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Since 2007 CitiSafe Pte Ltd has offered services and solutions in regards to Industrial and Environmental safety and hygiene including gas ...

Gauging & Automation Pte Ltd

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Founded in 1991 as a Process Instrumentation & Control company specialized in Radar-based Tank Gauging System, the company has grown ...

LPS Instruments Enterprise Pte Ltd

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We offers variety of styles and choices of thermocouple probes to suite any application. Look us up on the website ...

Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd

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Lee Hung Scientifc Pte Ltd (LHS) (AA Scientific Instrumentation) was founded in 1983 as a supplier and distributor of scientific and ...

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C Melchers GmbH & Co (Material Testing Dept)

101 Thomson Rd #24-01/05 United Sq S(307591)

C. Melchers GmbH & Co. has put together a winning team of world-class Non-Destructive Testing Equipment manufacturers. Together, with ...

Chinese Garden Electric & Electronic Enterprise Pte Ltd

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Chinese Garden Electric & Electronic Enterprise Pte Ltd specializes in Electrical Supplies, Measuring Instruments, Meter, Relays, ...

Inply Industrial Supplier Pte Ltd

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Inply Industrial Supplier Pte Ltd and their team has more than 30 years of experience in the industrial supply business since the 70's. ...

Lesoon Equipment Pte Ltd

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Lesoon Equipment Pte Ltd was incorporated in September 1996 and all our key personnel were equipped with more than forty (40) years of ...

Metrix Precision Pte Ltd

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METRIX PRECISION, YOUR SOLUTION TO ALL CALIBRATION & TESTING NEEDS Metrix Precision is one of the leading calibration laboratory in ...

NDT Instruments Pte Ltd

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NDT Instruments Pte Ltd is a German subsidiary which was founded in 1993. Our company’s mission is to identify, source and supply ...

Yip Fung Trading Co

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Established in 1976, Yip Fung Trading Company operating in Singapore is now the leading importer and exporter of wide range of Hardware ...

There are an array of instruments or devices which are utilized to measure the circulation of liquids and gases. Some of the measuring instruments can likewise be used to control the circulation of steam and gases. In most of the plants, it is necessary to measure the flow of liquids. The flow rate in the gadgets is typically identified by the modification in kinetic energy or the liquid speed.

The primary devices are generally classified into two types which consist of the flumes and the weirs. It is necessary to pick these gadgets according to the minimum and optimum circulation rate anticipated in a specific area. Weirs are made of aluminum or fiberglass and it is typically constructed throughout an open channel like a dam. The liquid flows through an opening. It is one of the most commonly utilized measuring gadgets as it is simple in structure and easy to preserve. It is also more economical compared to the other kinds of gadgets.

Flume is another main gadget which modifies the channel area with its channel limitations. This simple change increases the level and the velocity of the fluid.

The secondary gadgets are primarily used to measure the variations in the fluid level. The various types of secondary measuring devices consist of the floats and the capacitance probe. The capacitance probe is a device which determines the variations in the liquid according to the electrical conductivity.

Floats are amongst the most frequently utilized secondary gadgets as it is easily offered and budget friendly. Nevertheless, today there are more precise gadgets such as the ultrasonic sensing units which can be used to measure the circulation of liquid properly.

Velocity Circulation Meters: It is primarily used to determine the speed of the flow in different locations of a system. Numerous kinds of velocity flow meters are utilized to determine the flow in home applications such as a/c systems, heating and ventilation systems.

Mass Flow Meter: These meters can be used to determine the mass flow without using any kind of obstruction in the circulation course. These meters are available in two types which consist of the coriolis and the thermal circulation meter.

Positive Displacement Circulation Meter: These flow meters use rotors to measure the flow of liquid. It consists of high accuracy. The rotors turn due to the flow of the liquid. The flow is measured by calculating the speed of the rotors and the quantity of liquid made to pass in each turn of the rotor. Some of the modern-day devices use electrical signals to indicate the speed of the rotors.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters: This gadget determines the circulation according to the pressure drop of the liquid which passes through the blockage that is placed into the flow. It is mostly precise for high pressure systems. The majority of the markets use circulation nozzles to determine the flow of air and gases.

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