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Marine & Offshore Lightings, Fire Fighting Monitors, Nozzles, Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Cables, Flowmeters, Valves Image

Marine & Offshore Lightings, Fire Fighting Monitors, Nozzles, Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Cables, Flowmeters, Valves

Your partner for Lighting Solutions. Broadly categorised into Marine Solutions, Offshore Solutions and Helideck Solutions. In hours of darkness lives depend on equipment to function quickly and reliably. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative, high quality, robust durability and competitive lighting products. Built to exacting standards to operate in the harshest marine and offshore environment. To provide you peace of mind, knowing you have the best equipment for all eventualities. These products include Searchlights (Anti-Piracy, Bridge, Remote), Navigation & Signal Lights, Floodlights, Deck Lights, Obstruction Lights, Helideck Status and Perimeter Lightings. The range includes LED, Solar, Suez Canal, Explosion Proof and many others for marine vessels of every conceivable size, from the smallest boat to the largest ocean liner and super tanker.

Atlas Technologies Corporation offers an extensive and reliable range of Sprinkler Heads, Nozzles, Control Valves and Foam Fire Fighting Monitors. Our broad range of foam fire fighting monitors include portable and fixed, manual and remote and in varying sizes that can be tailored depending on the necessary design specification, functionality or approval. Our versatile foam monitors can be used to suppress fires in a wide variety of special hazard and high risk applications, depending on requirements. For the protection of hazardous areas in an array of demanding environments such as refineries and chemical plants, petrochemical and fuel storage, marine ships, tankers, barges, fire boats, offshore industries and aviation.

- Sprinkler Heads (Standard, Quick, Special Response, Corrosion Resistant and more)
- Foam and Water Nozzles
- Water Mist Nozzles
- Deluge & Water Spray Valves, General Purpose and Alarm Valves
- Fog/Jet, Water, Foam and Oscillating Monitors

Key Specifications/Special Features:

• Powerful, long throw length
• Wide capacity range to meet any application
• Compact, low weight and durable
• Easily manoeuvred
• Adjustable flow, stream pattern
• High quality and reliability
• Corrosion resistant construction of stainless steel and bronze
• Remote control or manual operation
• Manual, electrical, hydraulic and water driven oscillating options
• Standard or self-inducting versions
• Type-approved by DNV, BV, LR, RM
• Available with Hazardous Area ATEX approved

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