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Maredsous Blond Belgian Pale Ale Beer Image

Maredsous Blond Belgian Pale Ale Beer

Pours with a sunny orangey hazy amber body. Thick creamy slightly yellowed white head with good retention, nice thick head. Thick patchy lacing all up and down the glass. Smell, perfumy fruit, almonds and marzipan, some slight mixed spice and a whack of estery fresh fruit. Some aromatic hops, little bit of musty yeast on the finish. Taste, thick creamy mouthfeel, some slight fresh hop character. Fress fruit (peaches, melon, and a hint of banana), some estery sweetness. A tasty and very sessionable Belgian pale ale.
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BID Singapore was conceived by two key individuals Franck Berges and Gerry Yeo who have had a long working relationship with premium beers....