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Calibre Engineering Pte Ltd offers wide range Manoir Petrochem & Nuclear products and services which can be used in various industries worldwide. These include products and services related to steam cracking solutions, steam reforming solutions, nuclear, steel making and DRI and other conventional products required in industries like defense, heat treatment and oil and gas.

We provide extreme steam cracking solutions for petrochemical industries, supplying the ethylene industry of quality and reliable furnace components such as steam cracking coils. Constructed with top grade alloys, these assemblies of small and large diameter spun cast tubes and associated fittings are assembled by welding, and are fully inspected to ensure sturdiness and durability over time. Small diameter spun cast tubes and associated fittings are mainly used in the naphta cracking furnaces of current generation while large diameter tubes and fittings are applicable for recent, flexible large capacity ethane crackers. In our steam cracking process, radiant tubes or coils undergo coking and decoking cycles in extreme temperatures. This coke diffuses into the steel and the material carburizes. We provide non-destructive carburization device which allows customers to quantify precise carburization levels and the degree of use of the tubes by destructive testing and further failure analysis.

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