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Light Fittings

The best listing for Light Fittings is here at The Green Book Directory. Our wide range of database will connect you to its related industry and associated information. We could help you find related products such as bathroom, LED, fluorescent light fittings and other related classifications. A broad list of light fitting manufacturers, dealers, supplier, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and services can be found here to meet your purchasing needs.

Light fittings are also known as light fixtures. The International Electrotechnical Commission or (IEC) dubbed them "luminaire." These are used by various industries such as medicine, marine, automotive lighting industry and aerospace. Their production started right after incandescent light bulbs were introduced in the market. Common light fittings are composed of a power supply and electrical ballasts as energy source, housing or outer shell of an equipment or lamp, aperture with or without lens and reflectors for direction control of lights.

Electric lamps are examples of light fittings. Light fixtures are designed to have a light socket that can hold the lamp attached to fixed body for quick and easy changing of light bulbs. A control switch can be available in the regulation of light. They can also be regulated using a timer, a motion detector or a lighting control system.

This lighting equipment is classified based on how it is installed.
• Fixed light fittings are permanently installed into a wall, ceiling or structure. They can either be indoor light fittings and outdoor light fittings. Bollards, street lights, chandeliers, track lighting fixtures and recessed lights are examples of fixed fittings.
• Portable light fittings are free-standing fixtures such as table lamps. These are typically used in offices and rooms.
• Special purpose lights are designed for specific industry usage to provide extra lighting source. These includes accent lights and background lights used to provide a directional light to attract attention in stores and to have a good control of shading and shadows during video production.

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