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Light Cranes Systems

Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd offers an ideal smart lifting solution for your hand-operated applications with this state-of-the-art light crane systems. It is designed to perfectly suit customer requirements, the full set-up can be moved from one location to another, thus, gives you the freedom to fully maximize your company’s floor space. These crane systems are suitable for light-duty applications to various industries.

Take advantage of several edges offered by this system over the traditional models used for your hoist requirement, as we offer a smoother operating motion to make your day-to-day system easy and helps you deliver half the time consume compare to your existing procedures. This will also benefit your manpower as there will be less physical strenuous workloads.

Our commitment to assist you towards a safety work place with high level of reliability is among our signature offers, we can help you lift your business to a higher level of innovation!

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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd takes pride on serving the market with professional high-quality custom-engineered industrial lifting solutions for...